San Diego pelagic Sunday: 2 Nazca & 1 Red-footed Boobies, 17 Least & 1 Townsend's Storm-Petrels

The Sept 19th Buena Vista Audubon Society sponsored pelagic trip aboard "Legacy" out to the 9-Mile Bank, 30-Mile Bank, and "The Corner" was quite successful and took place under very pleasant weather and sea conditions. Highlights included fine views of a sub-adult Nazca Booby at the inner San Diego Trough, an adult Nazca Booby at the 30-Mile Bank, and a dark-morph immature Red-footed Booby at the outer San Diego Trough, as well as one Brown Booby; a total of 17 Least Storm-Petrels seen well and with good comparisons scattered mostly on the 30-Mile Bank and at The Corner, 1 Townsend's Storm-Petrel in the SD Trough, about 8 Leach's Storm-Petrels at the 30-Mile and The Corner, an unseasonal Northern Fulmar, 3 Sabine's Gulls, and plenty of jaegers of three species. Totals offshore were:

Northern Pintail 17

Red-necked Phalarope 7

Pomarine Jaeger 20

Parasitic Jaeger 11

Long-tailed Jaeger 1 or 2

jaeger sp. 12

murrelet sp. 3

Rhinoceros Auklet 1

Sabine's Gull 3

Heermann's Gull 3

Western Gull 250

California Gull 1

Common Tern 40

Elegant Tern 150

Leach's Storm-Petrel 8 (incl. mostly white and mostly dark rumped birds)


Black Storm-Petrel 240


NORTHERN FULMAR 1 (ratty looking; likely summered locally)

Pink-footed Shearwater 140

Sooty Shearwater 5

Black-vented Shearwater 1100

NAZCA BOOBY 2 (sub-adult and adult)

Brown Booby 1

RED-FOOTED BOOBY 1 (dark-morph imm)

Brandt's Cormorant 10

Brown Pelican 120

Lots of photos will be posted with upcoming eBird lists in a few days.

Our last trip of the season is on Oct 3rd and is currently sold out.

For additional information and the 2022 schedule (not posted until early 2022), see

--Paul Lehman, Dave Povey, Bruce Rideout, Matt Sadowski, Justyn Stahl, et al., San Diego

ID help, please

Catherine Zinsky

Had a flycatcher at Fort Rosecrans this morning and would greatly appreciate ID help.

First two uploaded photos.  Pewee?  Reading too much into it and have now thoroughly confused myself.  Dah...

Many thanks!!!

Live in beauty....


Competitive Obedience Toolbox:

OTCH Sporting Fields Summer Solstice, UDX 9, OGM ("Dax", as in "Dax of the Long Tongue" aka 'Sir Lickalot'))
GCH OTCH6 Sporting Field's Quantum Leap UDX 8, OGM  ('Devon'  aka "Monkey")   
Ch. Shorewind Spellbound's Dragon Rider , UD ("Echo", aka  "Speed Bump")
Sporting Field's Royal Prerogative ("Liam"--aka, "Spanky" of Our Gang)
Ch. OTCH Trumagik Step Aside, UDX 20, OGM   (2002 - 2015)
Ch Borderfame Soul Train, UDX, OM 3  (2006-2018)

Tennessee Warbler - Pt Loma

Alex Abela

In a tipu tree in the alley between Dudley and Warner, near Catalina.

Alex Abela

Western Screech Owls near Lake Hodges

Tracy Henchbarger

Two Western Screen Owls calling each other 10:30 p.m. in the small canyon between Purer Road and Vista de la Cresta in Escondido. Don't know if they are considered rare, but the last time I heard them here was in 2013. 
Tracy Henchbarger
Lake Hodges, Escondido, CA 92029

Also a Pt Loma Blackburnian Warbler

Alex Abela

This morning I took a few shots of a dull warbler then lost track of it and kind of forgot about it when I found the Prairie Warbler while trying to relocate it. Looking at the photos now it was actually a BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER. This was just across the street from the Prairie on DuPont.

Alex Abela
Escondido, CA

On Sep 18, 2021, at 9:41 AM, Alex Abela <thebuzz90@...> wrote:

Just had a PRAIRIE WARBLER in front of 3620 DuPont in the silver gate neighborhood.

Alex Abela
Escondido, CA

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Probable Virginia’s Warbler at Allen Road Nature Trail 9/18

Nathan French

Had when I’m pretty sure was a Virginia’s Warbler with a bold white eye ring, gray above, and bright yellow under tails. Seen briefly in trees at the bottom of the road around 10:30am, just before the start of trail.  (32.7536310, -117.1833720) Unable to relocate after 30 mins of looking. Keep in mind this is residential so please respect the neighbors and do not park on Allen Road when visiting. Plenty of parking is available on Fort Stockton Dr. 

Photos and checklist:

Nathan French


Timothy Burr

Today, 18 September 2021, I had a single FOS WCSP in my backyard foraging on the ground with house finches. This beats the earlier record for my yard by 7 days.

Tim Burr

Prairie Warbler -Pt Loma

Alex Abela

Just had a PRAIRIE WARBLER in front of 3620 DuPont in the silver gate neighborhood.

Alex Abela
Escondido, CA

Pectoral Sandpipers : Batiquitos Lagoon East; 17 SEP 2021

Tito Gonzalez

I found a PECTORAL SANDPIPER today mid-morning, 17  SEP 2021, in the eastern part of Batiquitos lagoon near Spoonbill Lane entrance. While I was contemplating heading home to get my scope for better views, Gavin Aquila strolled by as he finished up a recording outing. He had a scope nearby and we observed it together until it flew off calling loudly.



Curious if it would come back, I checked the location around 5:30 PM and found two Individuals!


Location: 33.092446, -117.279496

While there is water here most of the time, high tide is particularly good to stimulate movement. Scope is highly recommended as the birds are not very close to trail.


Tito Gonzalez

Carlsbad,  CA


Purple Martin, Thurs offshore

A slight increase in migrant numbers on Friday the 17th on Point Loma included a Purple Martin with 3 or 4 end-of-season Cliff Swallows, as well as such uncommon migrants as Willow and Hammond's Flycatchers and Swainson's Thrush.

On the 16th, several of us ventured offshore and found that most birds were concentrated out on the 30-Mile Bank. No unexpected species found, but highlights included a high count of 11 Long-tailed Jaegers, 10 Brown Boobies, 35 Common Terns, and 400 Pink-footed Shearwaters; as well as 1 Arctic Tern, 3 Sabine's Gulls, 4 Craveri's Murrelets, 2 Cassin's Auklets, and 6 Pomarine and 4 Parasitic Jaegers. Only 2 Sooty Shearwaters, only 45 Black Storm-Petrels, and still no Red Phalaropes.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

Tennessee Warbler - La Jolla

Alex Abela

I just had a Tennessee Warbler in the tipus behind the Ladder Day Saints Center on La Jolla Farms Rd. Visible from the walkway the connects to campus, approximately here :

(32.8794546, -117.2443201)

Alex Abela
Escondido, CA

The Buena Vista Audubon Pelagic is SUNDAY Sept. 19th.

David Povey

Hello all Seabirders,
The Sept. 19th. Buena Vista Audubon sponsored pelagic is this Sunday ..
This trip is booked full and has a waiting list.
Those of you booked on this trip, please arrive between 6:00 and 6:20 a.m  at Seaforth Sportfishing Landing in Mission Bay.
 I would expect crowds even though the day boats will have departed, as a number of overnight fishing boats will be arriving.
Parking is free in front of the landing and on the street. 
**WARNING**, the parking lots on either side of the landing have become aggressive about towing unauthorized vehicles in their lots. Please be careful that you are parking in Seaforth Sportfishing Landings lot. This is marked off by a white line and sportfishing lot lettering on the pavement to the west and a berm to the east. Do not park in the Conference Centers parking to the east, or any of the parking to the west i.e. Seaforth Boat rentals lot and others. All the street parking is available, and spots should open up in the main lot, as boats arrive that morning. You may wish to carpool, or be dropped off to speed up the process.
Once parked, please check in at the Seaforth Sportfishing office. The office requires masks to be worn and social distancing in line.
Next, find our group outside on the patio area, to sign in on the boat's manifest. We likely will be over by the cafe's seating area to stay clear of the returning fisher folks.
Both the office check in  and manifest must be done and matched before we can depart, so it's important that both be done as quickly as possible !
Paul Lehman will start a brief orientation about 6:20, and we will board about 6;40-6;45. So again we will need to move right along.
The boat is the 80ft. Legacy There are three heads (toilets) on board. The Legacy has abundant seating to store your gear. Seating is available both topside, and on the main deck. Please do not store gear in the bow, or outside stern area. 
There are limited snacks and drinks for purchase.  I recommend bringing your lunch. I suggest a light windbreaker, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. I would recommend  applying sunscreen even if we are under overcast. Then it is also a good idea to stay hydrated. Motion meds should be taken prior to boarding if you need them
We will be offshore for between 10 to 12 hrs. We will plan on returning no later than 7p.m.
The weather and seas forecast is very nice at this morning's posting.
Those of you who are on the waiting list, and would really like to go, You may wish to come down to the landing early that morning. I usually run a couple of spots that cancel at the last minute, or no-show. 
No promises, but if you are there, ready to go, and a spot opens up. I'll get you on. Of course in the order you're on the waitlist. See me (Dave Povey, old tall guy, gray beard, and a red ball cap) at the landing's patio that morning. This offer is limited to wait list folks only!
Again as with all covid precautions if you feel sick, or show any symptoms before the trip, do not go!

Dave Povey

Female American Redstart continues in Hillcrest

Tuck Russell

Bathing and foraging actively. Last seen a moment ago.  Again, if anyone wants to chase the bird via my deck, let me know.

Tuck Russell

Anyone want to do a quick 3 day birding trip for Xantu's?

Roger Uzun

I was wondering if anyone would want to share driving duties on a 3-4 day road trip to photograph Xantu's Hummingbirds down in San Ignacio, Baja California Sur.  It's about an 11.5 hour drive each way from San Diego.  There are feeders in the town and it's the common hummingbird in that area.

I plan on leaving Monday Oct 4th and returning either Weds Oct 6th or Thursday Oct 7th. 

Email me if you would want to go along to help with driving and gas.

-Roger Uzun

Female American Redstart in Hillcrest

Tuck Russell

Spotted by neighbor Mike Evans at his birdbath and last seen 1/2 hour ago. If anyone wants to chase it, message me; the area is visible from my deck  

Tuck Russell

Kumeyaay Lake - Harmful Algae

Andrew N

Just a heads up, the Parks Dept has posted signs at the East and West sections of the lake where you cross over warning of harmful algae in the water. The lake trail is still open so I'm not sure the severity of the problem but something to keep in mind.

Andrew Newmark
Chula Vista, CA

Re: Temporary Closure of all National Forests in California

Justyn Stahl

Closure extended through 22 September, including Angeles, Cleveland, and San Bernardino National Forests.

Justyn Stahl

On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 2:43 PM Justyn Stahl <justyn.stahl@...> wrote:

For safety reasons, all National Forests in California (e.g., Cleveland NF here in San Diego) will be closed 1-17 September.

Justyn Stahl

Orchard Oriole, very early Pine Siskin, Tricolored H., Baird's & Pecs

On Weds the 15th, there was a female-type Orchard Oriole in the TRV community gardens, starting out in weeds with House Finches. Be aware that there are also still 3 Hooded Orioles present in the gardens, two of which are juvenile birds with clean yellow underparts and a smallish bill. Also in the gardens today was an extremely early Pine Siskin. The earliest lowland arrival date for the county involve two records from 9 Sep from over 25 years ago. Also a female/imm Yellow-headed Blackbird at both the community gardens and at the Sunset ball fields. A Baird's Sandpiper was along the east edge of salt works Pond 22, off the end of 13th Street in Imperial Beach.

Also today, Dave Povey reports the continuing Tricolored Heron and 2 Pectoral Sandpipers at the upper end of Lower Otay Lake.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

Harris's Hawk at Borrego

Nancy Christensen

Hello all, I made my weekly round of “oasis” spots in the desert this morning. Handfuls of migrants are showing up, but few in number and nothing exciting. Best bird today was a Harris Hawk at the Borrego Springs settling ponds. It flushed from the ground and flew off towards Ram’s Hill where I lost sight of it. It was not chaseable, so I did not get the word out right away,


Many areas of the desert received rain during our recent monsoon flows. There are large areas with leafed-out ocotillos, with small areas of flowers. Many of the Desert Willows are blooming along the washes. Hopefully the greenery will start attract some migrating birds!


Nancy Christensen



San Diego Region Birding Marbled Godwit Lake Murray

Judy Neave

This morning about 8:30 there was a marbled godwit on shoreline of beach/picnic area west of parking lot (mixed in with mallards). Unusual for Lake Murray. Note Kiowa lot closed for second Tuesday, park on Baltimore. Photos on E bird checklist.

Judy Neave
El Cajon

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