IB Piet

Nancy Christensen

Spent some time on the IB pier this morning. At least 3 brown Boobies were fishing west and north of the pier. A fourth Booby may have been a Blue-footed - a very white neck that blended to chest. Stayed very distant. Tried for pics but not much hope. Wind became too strong to use the scope and I gave it up.

Nancy Christensen

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
Chinese Proverb

Pelagic portion of San Diego CBC

David Povey

Hello all,
I was admonished that I should get out a report on sightings for the pelagic portion of the San Diego Christmas count. Overall pretty lively for an area that generally struggles to get some of the regular local pelagic species. Remember this is all between Imperial Beach and the inside of Point Loma. and out only to the S.D.Buoy.
Most notable was the big movement of Loons. Two thousand plus plus, many at distances beyond our ability to I.D. Even with that, 1250 Pacific Loons, and 70 Common Loons were my high numbers of each in the 42-43 years I've done this area. We also recorded 21 Red-th. Loons, and another 900+ loon sp.
Western Grebes   1500 about the norm for this area
Surf Scoter   2000 likely more large swell kept us out of this zone
Black Scoter    1 female flying with Surf Scoters west of Attu Rd. area
Black-vented Shearwaters were in good numbers with 600.They were the only tube-noses we found.
Brown Booby   7   at bit tough to tell if we had repeaters, but we did see 4 in the air at one time. Others widely separate areas.
Masked Booby   1 subadult on Zuniga jetty. This bird refound by others most certainly the bird captured, taken to Sea World for rehab,and released this last week.
Pomarine Jaeger   3   Missed most years here, and second only to the 1981 count of 4
Parasitic Jaeger     6  second to 1987 count of 7
jaeger sp.    2
Black Oystercatcher   5    loafing together on Ballast Point
Surfbird       1     Zuniga jetty     a low number, but totally missed on 10 different year's count this area.
Bonaparte's Gull   3 rather low but not unusual.
Herring Gull  4   about normal here.
Misses - any alcid, again not that uncommon in this zone, as none found on 16 other years here.
No phalaropes , again not that unusual , missed on 22 years

Great marine mammal show with one Gray Whale, several Pacific White-sided Dolphins, 200+ Common Dolphin, Harbor Seal and California Sea Lions.

Dave Povey

p.s. Remember the SDFO traditional New Year's Day pelagic is coming up. Members and their guest sign up by sending $45 for each person to Barbara Carlson. the trip is 6 hrs, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and out of H&M landing, San Diego Bay. Do not call the landing.


Wintering Wilson's Warbler in Point Loma

Sara Baase Mayers

I saw a Wilson's Warbler on Charles St., west of Silvergate Ave., this morning.

     One Golden-crowned Sparrow was feeding with White-crowns on Silvergate near Dupont.  And a few Red-breasted Nuthatches are still in the neighborhood, including one that has been visiting our birdbath since early October.

Sara Mayers
Point Loma (San Diego)

San Diego CBC, 14 December, 211 species

Justyn Stahl

The 67th San Diego Christmas Bird Count occurred on 14 December 2019. The preliminary total stands at 211, just 1 below our 10-year average of 212. As of the compilation at 130pm, 206 species had been reported, and we then added 5 additional species that afternoon: Ross’s Goose, Tricolored Heron, Short-eared Owl, Mew Gull, and Hooded Oriole. Weather was overcast and cool, starting at 56F before clearing around mid-day with a high of 66F. Approximately 150 participants were in the field, with those coming to the compilation treated to lunch sponsored by San Diego Audubon Society. Thanks to SDAS, area leaders, and participants (including 6-8 first time CBCers!). 

Highlights include:

Snow Goose (3) - Three on Sweetwater Reservoir

Ross’s Goose (1) - One flew in at dusk at J Street

Greater White-fronted Goose (1) - A long-staying bird at Bonita Golf Course

Eurasian Wigeon (1) - A male in the Sweetwater River

Black Scoter (6+) - At least 4 in south San Diego Bay, 2 in the ocean between Imperial Beach and Coronado

White-winged Scoter (3) - Three off and south of the Imperial Beach Pier

White-winged Dove (1) - One in Guy McCaskie’s yard in Imperial Beach was a new yard bird for Guy

Costa’s Hummingbird (3) - One in Imperial Beach and 2 east of Balboa Park

Black Oystercatcher (5) - Five were on the Zuniga Jetty

Pacific Golden-Plover (1) - One in south San Diego Bay

Wandering Tattler (1) - One at the Cabrillo National Monument tide pools

Mew Gull (1) - An adult in Salt Works

Lesser Black-backed Gull (1) - A fresh first-cycle at the Chula Vista landfill

Black Skimmer (3) - Three in the Salt Works (most have moved to Mission Bay by now)

Masked Booby (1) - A 2nd-3rd cycle on the Zuniga Jetty appears to the be same bird released by Sea World after rehab

Brown Booby (7+) - Six or seven from Dave Povey’s boat and 1 from a seawatch from Seacoast Drive

Tricolored Heron (1) - One at the Sweetwater NWR

Reddish Egret (3) - Two in south San Diego Bay and 1 at J Street

Bald Eagle (1) - An immature at Sweetwater Reservoir

Short-eared Owl (1)  - One at Sweetwater NWR

Greater Pewee (1) - One in Balboa Park near where one was in 2017, but not seen in 2018?

Pacific-slope Flycatcher (1) - One in Coronado

Tropical Kingbird (1) - One in Nestor Park

Thick-billed Kingbird (1) - A bird at Poggi Creek greenbelt back for its 10th winter

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (2)  - Returning birds at Poggi Creek and in Coronado

Cassin’s Vireo (1) - A returning bird at Nestor Park

Plumbeous Vireo (3) - Singles at Kimball Park, Southcrest Trails Park, and El Toyon Park

Golden-crowned Kinglet (1) - One at Memorial Park in Chula Vista

Grasshopper Sparrow (1) - One in Balboa Park

Green-tailed Towhee (3) - One at Dairy Mart and two west of Hollister on the beach trail

Yellow-headed Blackbird (2) - Two at Sweetwater Reservoir

Orchard Oriole (2) - An adult male in Coronado, a returning female at Nestor Park

Hooded Oriole (1) - A young male in west Balboa Park

Black-and-white Warbler (3)  - Singles at 28th St Park in Balboa, Rohr Park, and Friendship Park

Nashville Warbler (3) - Singles north of Balboa Park, Heritage Park, Southcrest Trails Park

Pine Warbler (1) - A returning dull female in Coronado

Additional scarce wintering species included several Black-throated Gray Warbler and Yellow Warblers, a few Summer Tanagers, very few Bullock’s Orioles, and a few Red-naped Sapsuckers. 

Count week birds (so far) missed on count day include White-faced Ibis, Swainson’s Hawk, and American Redstart. 

A single Lark Sparrow, a single California Quail, and a few Cactus Wrens hang on inside the circle.

After all data are submitted and checked, I will post a follow-up post with additional context and the final count, hopefully by next weekend.

Thanks again to all who came out (especially those of you who answered the call to get out for Great Horned Owls, a species we missed last year, but not this year!). Special thanks to Paul Lehman for S&D oversight and relentless scouting.

Justyn Stahl 

Chula Vista CBC

Aaron Gyllenhaal

Hi all!

I joined Jay Desgrosellier today on his annual CBC big day in Chula Vista, and we wound up with some great birds. Here are the highlights:

Memorial Park:

A Golden-crowned Kinglet was seen and heard on the north side of the park, where there is a path going between two apartment buildings.

Friendship Park:

A Black-and-white Warbler was hanging out in the NE corner of the park, climbing on pine tree trunks as they do.

Sweetwater NWR:

We came here twice, once at high tide and once at low tide. The highlights of our high tide visit were a male Eurasian Wigeon in with a group of Americans at the north end of the refuge and four Black Scoters (2 male and 2 female) out on the bay in the Surf Scoter flock. Our low tide visit was highlighted by the continuing Tricolored Heron, which was feeding on the mudflats on the south side of the refuge and a Short-eared Owl, which was seen flying over the north side of the refuge at 4:15 p.m.

J Street:

Our last stop of the day seemed fairly unproductive, until a Ross’s Goose flew into roost with three Canada Geese on the mudflats.

Other highlights throughout the day included great numbers of Ruddy Turnstones, Red Knots and Sanderlings, a Glaucous-winged Gull, two Virginia Rails, two Reddish Egrets (one at Sweetwater and one at J Street), Loggerhead Shrike, and Yellow and Black-throated Gray Warbler.

We ended up with a total of 109 species, with some baffling misses like Red-tailed Hawk and Red-breasted Merganser. Still, quite an impressive day!

Aaron Gyllenhaal
San Diego, CA

Plumbeous Vireo in Kimball Park

Eve Martin

Hello birders!  During the San Diego CBC this morning/Saturday, Kathy, Jane, Patti and I saw a PLUMBEOUS VIREO in Kimball Park in National City.  It was in the shrubbery in the far east end of the riparian swale (the birdiest section of the park for us today).  A few more details and photos are in our eBird report here:

Eve Martin
Del Mar, California

Pechanga Arena Box Office & parking W3 -- Rusty Blackbird, 14 Dec 2019

Gary Nunn

On the way home from San Diego CBC decided to patrol locations of previous reports, no luck with that so went over to the swap meet and quickly relocated the RUSTY BLACKBIRD in the parking lot of Pechanga Arena at 2:45 PM, Saturday 14 Dec 2019.  Found it near the Box Office on northwest side of the arena, specifically in parking area W3.  You can just drive up to this area.

Sacrificed my last fig bar, a blueberry one, for some close photos of this nice looking blackbird, photos in eBird checklist here

Gary Nunn
Pacific Beach

Neotropic Cormorant continues near Vandever

Lisa Ruby


If anyone besides me hasn't seen this bird yet, the Neotropic Cormorant is still hanging out with the Double-cresteds on the wires at the end of Vandever Ave, corner of Fairmount south of  Friars. 

I first saw it with some of the DCCOs about 2:50 pm for about 10 minutes. While walking for a better photo spot they disappeared. Larger flock came back around 3:25 with Neotropic in tow. Best viewing is from Brightview Landscaping parking lot. I asked if it was OK if I went into their lot to get photos. They were fine with it, but best to ask. They locked up at 4 pm and may not be open tomorrow.  I also viewed bird from lot next to 6190 Fairmount Ave. 

Lisa Ruby 
Sabre Springs

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Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

HOOR found in Balboa Park

Christopher Adler

For anyone seeking HOOR for CBC today, Paul Chad just found one in Balboa Park, west of lawn bowling. 

Christopher Adler
Allied Gardens
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Grasshopper Sparrow in Balboa Park

Christopher Adler

A surprise find in Balboa park west is proving reliable: we have the whole CBC team photographing a grasshopper sparrow in the mowed grassy area SE of the intersection of Balboa Dr. and The Quince St. exit from 163. 

Dropped pin
Near San Diego, CA

Very cooperative for photos.

Found first by Ethna Piazza

Christopher Adler
Allied Gardens

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..... ..... composer / performer / improviser
..... ..... professor / U of san diego
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Happy CBC day!

Anthony Fife

I added Great Horned Owl and Red-tailed Hawk at 0001 hours this morning (12/14/19)! Located at the Bird and Butterfly Garden (TJRV). Looking forward to seeing everyone’s great finds!

Anthony “TooFly” Fife
La Mesa, Ca

Black-and-white Warbler, 3 red-breasted nuthatches

Elizabeth Copper

While scouting in Coronado this morning with Robert Patton we had a black-and-white warbler on Coronado Avenue and three red-breasted nuthatches together in the pines along Margarita. We were not able to check North Island.  Alas, no sign of the Pacific-slope flycatcher found earlier by Paul Lehman and refound once.


Elizabeth Copper


Baltimore Oriole, La Jolla Colony Park

Bridget Spencer

Hi everyone, 
I just had a male Baltimore Oriole in a tall eucalyptus just north of exercise station 20 in La Jolla Colony Park, University City. This is pretty much the exact same area that the Prairie Warbler was hanging around in October. 
Also present was a Red-naped Sapsucker.

Bridget Spencer
La Jolla

White-winged Dove, new Nashville, Cassin's, Hooded O. #5

Some times its good to go the wrong way. This morning, Thursday, I was trying to find a couple small parks that I'd never checked before on the north side of Main Street in Chula Vista, just north of the Thick-billed Kingbird area, and I turned onto the wrong road...and soon found a White-winged Dove on a wire. In eastern Chula Vista, a block from Heritage Park there's a new Nashville Warbler in a line of tipu trees. I saw the returning Cassin's Vireo again at the north end of Nestor Park, in the strip of riparian, bathing. Also the male Summer and 2 Western Tanagers. At the corner of Hollister X Sunset there are 2 Yellow Warblers. And at the very upper end of Sunnyslope Park there's a female Bullock's Oriole (very scarce so far this winter in the county) and a Western Tanager (definitely NOT scarce this winter in the county!).

In Tierrasanta, today there was a female Hooded Oriole, the FIFTH Hooded Oriole in locally in just the past week or so, and yesterday I had a female Costs's Hummingbird here, which have become quite rare along the coast in winter.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

Ross's and Snow Geese at De Anza Cove, Mission Bay

Jeremiah Stock

Wednesday mid-morning, December 11, 2019, there were 3 adult Ross's Geese with the 2 continuing juvenile Snow Geese at the water's edge by the restroom building at De Anza Cove, Mission Bay.

Jeremiah Stock
Santee, CA

W-w & Black Scoters, Pacific Golden, Nashville, Bl+wh. Summer

This morning, 11 Dec, just after dawn, there was a very impressive ca. 2000 Surf Scoters right off the beach between the Imperial Beach Pier and Tijuana river mouth, with the main core right off the south end of Seacoast Drive. I was able to pick out one immature female White-winged Scoter (two obvious white oval patches on the face) and one female Black Scoter. But I wasn't able to sift through all of the birds before the light started deteriorating and the increasing number of surfers started flushing subsets of birds away, with about a third going down closer to the river mouth and two-thirds going north to right off Camp Surf. But if these numbers continue for a while, definitely worth keeping an eye on. Also today, at the saltworks pond island off the end of 10th St. at high tide, the Pacific Golden-Plover continues with the flock of Black-bellieds, as does a single Black Skimmer, rare in winter on San Diego Bay. There were also a very small number of W. Sandpipers on the island, so if you're in the area, perhaps worth a Hail Mary check for the Little Stint... A new, female Summer Tanager was in the small park at Florida X Calla in residential Imperial Beach. White-crowned Sparrow numbers, which have been depressed all fall, seem to have gone up somewhat during this past week, and I had three different Golden-crowned Sparrows this morning in various WCSP flocks.

Yesterday, the 10th, there was a Nashville Warbler in residential Hillcrest/North Park, bordering the north end of Balboa Park, where also yet 3 more Western Tanagers to add to this month's glut. And the continuing, returning (now for at least 4 years or so) Black-and-white Warbler was in its favorite tipu trees at 28th & Beech in se. Balboa Park--although it took two visits to find it.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

Nestor Park Orioles and Tanagers

Aaron Gyllenhaal

Hi all,

I came to Nestor Park bright and early this morning hoping for some of the orioles and tanagers reported by Paul Lehman a few days ago, and I was not disappointed. At the far north end of the park, I had the female Orchard and Bullock’s Oriole, as well as 2 Western Tanagers and a gorgeous adult male Summer Tanager. All of these birds were moving between the northernmost flowering Eucalyptus and the willows on the other side of the fence. All I had to do was stand still and watch. The Summer Tanager was especially cooperative and allowed some great looks.

Aaron Gyllenhaal
San Diego, CA

Neotropic Cormorant

Pat Johnston <bwcapj@...>

The Neotropic Cormorant and a flock of Double-crested Cormorants were on theelectric wire over the San Diego River where they have been roosting just before 3pm today.  FYI, a worker at the building and parking lot located at Fairmount and Vandever became quite hostile when I entered the property for a closer look at the Cormorants.

Pat Johnston

Re: Neotropic cormorant

peter thomas

Millie and I checked the roost location at Vandever and Fairmont around 10:00 AM this morning (no Cormorants at all), then went to the SD River to the east of Mission Center Rd.where we pursued the flock of Cormorants up and back and up and..... We got fleeting looks at a small, dark Cormorant that we believe to the the target bird (photos to be examined).  We later returned to the roosting spot on the lines over the River at Vandever and the bird was on the lines, accompanied by 10-15 DC Cormorants at 12:10 PM. today. Photos to follow.

Peter and Millie Thomas

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 12:38:00 PM PST, Pat Johnston via Groups.Io <bwcapj@...> wrote:

The Neotroopic Cormorant is still present on the San Diego River.  It was seen this morning by at least 3 birders in the stretch of the river between Texas St. and Mission Center Way, I unfortunately was not one of the three birders.  At least one person photographed it as well.

Neotropic cormorant

Pat Johnston <bwcapj@...>

The Neotroopic Cormorant is still present on the San Diego River.  It was seen this morning by at least 3 birders in the stretch of the river between Texas St. and Mission Center Way, I unfortunately was not one of the three birders.  At least one person photographed it as well.

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