Red-breasted Sapsucker Lake Murray

Christopher Adler

This morning I had a Red-breasted Sapsucker at Lake Murray Community Park, 
which is the playground area on the north side of Lake Murray, on Murray Park Dr.
I have had them in this location in some previous years as well. I first found it 
at the south end of the grassy park area, and later in a large tree inside the golf course,
just east of the SE corner of the park; most of it is viewable without straying onto the golf course.
The bird was actively making holes and the tree shows extensive evidence of 
sapsucker activity. 

A few photos in the ebird report. 

Christopher Adler
Allied Gardens

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high tide birds, Tennessee, miscellanea

Today (Sunday), Monday, and Tuesday have very high tides at 7 feet. I tried Crown Point (Mission Bay) today just after high tide and had LOTS of Belding's Savannah Sparrows and 2 "LARGE-BILLED" Savannah Sparrows, but I did not see a Nelson's. But I didn't stay overly long and it was quite breezy. So, worth a check on Mon or Tues (I'll be heading out of town so can't do so again myself.) There seem to have been THREE TENNESSEE WARBLERS found this morning in town, as I also had one--but on "limited access" property near Mission Bay. Sounds like Justyn's bird might be the easiest of the three to re-find. The Blackburnian Warbler was NOT seen this morning.?? Late yesterday I had a "PINK-SIDED" Dark-eyed Junco in Tierrasanta.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

Probable Yellow-green Vireo Coranado

Aaron Gyllenhaal

Hi all,

I just found a Yellow-Green/Red-eyed Vireo in Coronado. It seems to be a Yellow-green, but I’m awaiting confirmation from experts. On the east side of Coronado Ave about 5 houses south of 6th St.

Aaron Gyllenhaal
San Diego, CA

Tennessee Warbler Coronado

Aaron Gyllenhaal

Hi all,

I just found a Tennessee Warbler two trees north of the intersection of Carob Way and Coronado Ave in Coronado. It was hanging out with two Orange-crowned and a Yellow-rumped and was calling frequently. It flew off to the south with the other warblers and I lost track of it. Other birds of interest so far include a somewhat early Red-throated Loon swimming off the dog beach and a probable Long-tailed Duck flying north offshore with three Surf Scoters.

Aaron Gyllenhaal
San Diego, CA

La Jolla Cove Oct 27

Stan Walens

From 7:00-9:30

After a week of Santa Ana conditions, today's weather change means migration has picked up.
About 2500 black-vented shearwaters; inshore at dawn, but mostly moved far offshore by 8:00.

700+ surf scoters, mostly adult males
1 long-tailed duck
assorted dabbling ducks and scaup

6 Bonaparte’s gulls; FOS
23 Brant; FOS

3 parasitic and 2 pomarine jaegers
31 common loons; 1 Pacific; loons are more common later in the day as the winds pick up, so I expect more later today

Stan Walens, San Diego
October 27, 2019; 10:10 am

Tennessee Warbler, North Park

Justyn Stahl

This morning there is a Tennessee Warbler in blooming Melaleucas immediately north of the playground in North Park Community Park.

Justyn Stahl

San Dieguito Monthly Bird Count - next Sunday, November 3rd!

Jayne Lesley

This is a reminder about the next San Dieguito monthly bird count. The November 2019 bird count is on the first Sunday -  November 3rd.  
Everyone is welcome - interested, beginners, visitors, experienced  birders.

Also, November 3rd is the day we change from Daylight Savings time. Remember to “Fall back” by turning clocks back an hour.

We will meet at the usual time and place: 7:30 AM at the south end of San Andres. (Turn right/south off of Via De La Valle, on the east side of I5. San Andres dead ends at the San Dieguito Lagoon.) The count is coordinated with park rangers who provide vests and access for the restricted areas. We'll divide into five groups to count the different areas.

We gather to tally our results at noon at the Del Mar Public Works parking lot/picnic tables off Jimmy Durante Rd.

Hope to see you next Sunday for another great day of birding.

Jayne Lesley 
(cell phone: 858-663-6568)

Oct. 26 2019 Lewis's Woodpecker at Stonewall Mine yes, Red-breasted Sapsucker yes, Williamson's Sapsucker no.

terry hurst

Hello all,

I tried for all three woodpeckers that were first reported by Andrew Newmark on 10-25 (yesterday). Thanks to Kerry for getting me on both the Lewis's Woodpecker (I saw two but there could be as many as three) as well as the Red-breasted Sapsucker. Try as we may we did not find the female Williamson's Sapsucker. Kerry if you get these emails I hope you found it. Both woodpeckers were found in the large pines by the bathroom. Coordinates that Andrew provided got us pretty close to the location. Thanks Andrew for reporting these birds.

Attached is the eBird list with photos of the Lewis's Woodpecker.

Terry Hurst

Zone-tailed Hawk in Chula Vista

Guy McCaskie

At about 1:00 PM today, 26 October 2019, an immature Zone-tailed Hawk drifted northward, being harassed by American Crows, over Chula Vista’s “J” Street west if I-5.


Guy McCaskie

Varied Thrush Continues

Janice Nordenberg

The Varied Thrush at El Camino Memorial Cemetery reported by Sue Smith yesterday was seen this morning by several birders. This was posted to eBird but not to this group. Dan King and Alison? were at the location (grassy area near the picnic tables in the event area by the chapel) when I arrived about 10:00 and had already seen the thrush.  It appeared again briefly on the grass near the edge of the bushes about 10:30 but I didn't see it again before I left at 11:30.

Jan Nordenberg
San Diego

UC green-tailed towhee; La Jolla Cove

Stan Walens

An adult green-tailed towhee has been foraging in our backyard today. Stayed around until I went to get a camera to photograph it.

The Cove has been alternately interesting and boring for the past 2 weeks. Sometimes there are 3000+ black-vented shearwaters and sometimes 200. Jaegers most days. With Santa Ana conditions the birds are usually pretty far offshore. Duck and loon migration is slowly ramping up. No alcids.

On October 18 I spent 4 hours at the Cove with Jane Mygatt. Highlights were 2 masked-type boobies heading north and a Manx shearwater. Jane was able to get very poor photos of the shearwater at a distance but if you blow them up on the computer screen, squint, and click your heels together 3 times you can see that the entire undersides are white and that there’s only a small rim of black tail.

Stan Walens, San Diego
October 26, 2019; 12:30 pm

Varied Thrush at Tamarisk Grove Campground

Andrew N

This morning, Rodney G and myself had a Varied Thrush with a group of American Robin's at the Tamarisk Grove Campground. They were moving from tree to tree before flying into the shrubs across the street. 

Andrew Newmark
Hillcrest, San Diego

Am. Redstart, Palm, Orchard, Wilson's Phal.

Today, the 26th, there's an AMERICAN REDSTART (probably an imm male) in Spreckels Park in Coronado. The TROPICAL KINGBIRD continues bordering the NASNI golf course, and a late WESTERN KINGBIRD and female/imm ORCHARD ORIOLE were elsewhere in residential Coronado. The flock of 6 SNOW GEESE, which were originally seen by others a week or more ago flying over Liberty Station and then settled in for the past bunch of days to the NASNI property (seen by others), mostly off limits, but now a couple times they have wandered outside the base into Coronado, today to the grass ballfield next to the Ocean Blvd gate and dog beach (although only 4 birds).

Yesterday, the 25th, there was a PALM WARBLER at the north edge of the community gardens in the TRV, and a late WILSON'S PHALAROPE was in the saltworks--presumably the same bird reported about a week or so ago by Sadowski/Pawlicki.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

Unable to find Prairie Warbler at La Jolla Colony Park on 10/25

Lisa Ruby


Spent four hours at La Jolla Colony Park this morning (7:30-11:30) trying to find the Prairie Warbler and had no luck. For a few of those hours there were five of us spread out over the area where it had been reported this week. One birder saw the Black-and-White Warbler before we got there. Nobody saw the Grace's that I am aware of.

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

Stonewall Mine Woodpecker Rarities

Andrew N

Hey everyone! I swung by Stonewall Mine on my way to Anza for camping and found a Lewis' Woodpecker, a female Williamson's Sapsucker, and a Red-breasted Sapsucker all in the same general area. Down the trail to the left of the bathroom cabin, roughly around 32.982706,-116.571194. I only had brief looks at the Sapsuckers but the Lewis'kept returning to the same tree repeatedly.
I'll post photos to ebird once I return from camping!

Andrew Newmark
Hillcrest, San Diego

Ross's Goose, San Diego Bay, 25 Oct 2019

Paul Chad

A lone Ross's Goose was seen off the Chula Vista 'end of J Street' Marina late this morning. Saw nothing that indicated hybrid: small size, petite triangular bill, round head with 'forehead', triangular bill-base patch (rather than 'grin patch'),

Misc items- an immature Snow Goose was at the tiny pond, Mission Bay GC next to end of Grand Ave. yesterday. Also, earlier in AM, a few of us failed to turn up S-E Owl and W-W Scoter aroind Imperial Beach,

Good Birding,

Paul Chad
University City

Varied Thrush at El Camino Memorial Park cemetery, Sorrento Valley, Oct 25

Susan Smith

This morning Patti Koger, Eve Martin and I birded parts of El Camino Cemetery, Sorrento Valley.  At about 0915 am,  a new VARIED THRUSH (possibly two birds)   was seen foraging on the Events Lawn grass along the hedge and concrete picnic tables at the southeast corner of the chapel parking lot. It flushed into the hedge and tree vegetation before we could get photographs.  

eBird list of this morning's birds is at  .

Susan Smith 
Seiurus Biological  Consulting 
Del Mar, CA 

Susan Smith
Seiurus Biological Consulting
Del Mar, CA

Late Black-headed Grosbeak

Sara Baase Mayers

A Black-headed Grosbeak came repeatedly to my platform feeder and birdbath this morning (in Point Loma).  The SD Bird Atlas says they are mostly gone by mid-October, and the latest I see this year on eBird is Oct. 12.  My bird looks like a 1st year male: bright orange front with no streaking, pink lower bill.

Sara Mayers
Point Loma (San Diego)

Snow Goose at Batiquitos Lagoon

Lesley Handa

Hi folks, 

There is one Snow Goose in a flock of 23

Canada Geese at Batiquitos Lagoon. I first spotted it at around 915. 

Photo of a photo enclosed. 

Lesley Handa

Additions to TJRV birding notes

David Povey

The Green tailed Towee was seen at the south most pond (now dry) trail head.
A Vesper Sparrow was seen at the western most ball field along Sunset.
A lone Cedar Waxwing (juvy) was on the ground at ball fields that were being watered.
There are now four Vermillion Flycatchers at the ball fields
All separable..
1) Bright Male and likely multi year returning bird at east end.
2) Bright Male with whitish throat. Middle of fields.
3) female appearing bird with pinkish flanks. West field.
4)female appearing bird with a single red feather over the left eye. This bird seen along the road east side west field.
#2,3,and 4 seen on the 22nd. #1,2,and three seen today.
Dickcissel seen today solo, usually with House Finches.
Plumbeous Vireo was singing loudly in cottonwood an Sycamores along southwest corner
Tom Benson had Palm Warbler middle south lawn and saw it fly into Sycamore.
Now many Am. Pipits west end.
Dave Povey
      Sorry for text from phone. SDG&E shut off my electricity. 

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