Wing Street Canyon now “No Trespassing “

Tuck Russell

My wife and I went to Wing Street chiefly to check out the cooperative owls, bus were confronted with a prominent no trespassing sign at the entrance.  Somewhat bummed, we obeyed. I took a picture, but can’t seem to attach it.  The sign claims the property is private. 

Tuck Russell

Continuing Magnolia Warbler in Chula Vista

Eve Martin

Hello San Diego birders! Reporting for Charlotte Morris that the MAGNOLIA WARBLER is still present today around 10am where reported by Jim Pawlicki in the eucalyptus near the restrooms at the Chula Vista Marina.

Eve Martin
Del Mar, California

Magnolia Warbler at Bayside Park (G St), 10/16

James Pawlicki <jmpawli10@...>

Currently (8:50 am) foraging in short trees with a flock of YRWA around the restroom at the south end of the park, approximately here:

Jim Pawlicki
La Mesa

Tropical kingbird in liberty station

For those attending this evening's San Diego Field Ornithologists meeting at Liberty Station, there is a Tropical Kingbird near the end of Woodworth Way, in with several Cassins kingbirds present, as in past years at this site. This TK might be a returning wintering bird. There are also two Western Kingbirds present, which is sort of a typical departure date for that species locally.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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Painted redstart - Poway

Nancy Christensen

11am on Tuesday- Painted Redstart at Aubrey Park which is right by Old Poway Park (Midland Road and Aubrey). Seen in eucalyptus trees between ball fields.

Nancy Christensen

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
Chinese Proverb

Mountain plover - NO - Fiesta Island - Dog Run

lindsay willrick

Andrew Newmark and I surveyed the area where the mountain plover was seen last night between 6:00am and 7:00am, I continued solo and surveyed until 8:00am. Nathan French joined me around 7:30, he is still out searching. 

We were hoping if the bird took off early we would hear it leave. We have not refound the bird and covered the entirety of the south end of the dog park. Happy hunting all, maybe a longspur will pop soon. 

Lindsay Willrick
Golden Hill, San Diego

Mountain Plover, Fiesta Island, 14 Oct 2019

David Holway

This evening at 530 pm there was a Mountain Plover in the southwestern corner of Fiesta Island (32.771649, -117.225959) within the Fiesta Island Dog Park, Mission Bay.

David Holway
University City

Re: Dickcissel at TRV Ballfields 10/14

dan jehl

The Dickcissel continues at 3:20 this afternoon in the same general area as described by Jim. Heard the flight call several times and saw it briefly before a Cooper’s Hawk interrupted the party. 

Dan Jehl 
San Diego 

On Oct 14, 2019, at 8:37 AM, James Pawlicki <jmpawli10@...> wrote:

A(nother) Dickcissel is currently (8:30) with a flock of HOFIs and a CHSP around the southeastern-most baseball diamond near the end of Sunset Avenue in the Tijuana River Valley.

Jim Pawlicki
La Mesa

Buena Vista Audubon Sunday Oct. 13, 2019 Pelagic

David Povey

The Oct. 13th. Buena Vista Audubon Pelagic went off in very calm seas. (1 ft. swell, 7 knots or less wind).
Highlights for Sunday's pelagic were a near adult Nazca Booby about 11 n.miles WSW of Point Loma on the outer edge of the Nine Mile Bank.
One or two Least Storm-Petrels in a small raft of Black Storm-Petrels at 26 n. miles due west of Ocean Beach. YES A RAFT ! This was the first hint of any Least Storm-Petrels above the border this year.
Neither species seen close to the boat and both confirmed by photographs. Particular thanks to Nancy Christensen who got near perfect ID shots of a Least Storm-Petrel in front of the mob of quickly scattering Black Storm-Petrels at perhaps 200 yards.
No storm-petrels were seen anywhere outside this limited area on the Thirty Mile Bank.
Other surprises were seven Northern Fulmars over the day, all dark gray morphs except one intermediate whitish morph.
The offshore jaeger show continues with maybe 15 seen. I think they split about evenly between Parasitic Jaegers and Pomarine Jaegers.
Two small unidentified alcids photo'd at huge distance may have been early Ancient Murrelets. Extensive white undersides, including the underwings.  Pale gray above, and what appears to be a dark streak on the body under the wing.
I've not heard of the species being reported from north of here this fall, and with the blurry/over exposed photos and low light angle. I think these best left alcid sp.
Overall the Nine Mile Bank had lots of life ( it had been quiet all summer ). The San Diego Trough and Thirty Mile Bank (except for the storm-petrels there) were very quiet.
This was the last pelagic trip for 2019. My thanks to all that came out with us this year. Your participation is critical to our continued use of fishing boats such as Grande, This year's fishing was off the charts locally, and the demand for boats exceeded the supply. This put a lot of pressure on Captains and owners to make up for years when boat loans and salaries could not be paid. Yes, they do make more fishing than taking us offshore. Great turnouts by birders helped get us through these times
We hope to continue into 2020 and with increased competition with other pelagic trips around the country ( a good thing ). I know you have lots of choices, and I hope you'll come back out with us in the future. Thank you again.
So on to a partial list of species seen ( some editing and review needed before it's finalized );
dabbling duck sp. 50+  including a very distance large V some miles away and sky high, that appeared to be ducks not geese.
Surf Scoter 8
Common Loon 2
Eared Grebe   3   S.D.Bay
Northern Fulmar   7
Pink-footed Shearwater   22
Sooty Shearwater   1-2
Black-vented Shearwater    400+
Ashy Storm-Petrel   1
Leach's Storm-Petrel    1
Black Storm-Petrel    100+
Least Storm-Petrel  1-2
storm-petrel sp.  15-20
Brown Booby  3
Nazca Booby    1
Brandt's Cormorant  14
Double-crested Cormorant    1
Brown Pelican 30
Red-necked Phalarope  1
phalarope sp. 7
Pomarine Jaeger   4
Parasitic Jeager     5
jaeger sp.   5
Cassin's Auklet  1
alcid sp.   6
Heermann's Gull  10
Herring Gull   1
California Gull   13
Western Gull    200+
Common /Arctic Tern   3
Royal Tern    32
Elegant Tern  4

Fin Whale
Minke Whale
large whale sp.
Risso's Dolphin   25-30
Common Dolphin  200-300
California Sea Lion

Dave Povey

Bobolink at FRNC

Ryan Andrews

There’s a brightly colored Bobolink at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery this morning (8:45am Monday Oct 14) just south of the dip on the west side. It was on the lawn then flew outside the fence into a lemonade berry bush. Cords: (32.6847225, -117.2459647)

Ryan Andrews
(home on fall break) 
Valley Center

Dickcissel at TRV Ballfields 10/14

James Pawlicki <jmpawli10@...>

A(nother) Dickcissel is currently (8:30) with a flock of HOFIs and a CHSP around the southeastern-most baseball diamond near the end of Sunset Avenue in the Tijuana River Valley.

Jim Pawlicki
La Mesa

Robb Field

Vic Warren

Yesterday, Laurel and I drove down to the river at Robb Field. The tide was high and what was showing of the closest sandbar had more egrets than normal, Great and Snowy. There were also a few Great Blue Herons and a couple of Little Blue Herons. Then a Reddish Egret landed and began to run around in the water as they do. Flapping its wings, running here and there and putting on quite a show. i don't remember the last time we saw a Reddish Egret in this area. While we were watching, a Belted Kingfisher flew by, another bird unusual for Robb Field.

We drove up to Crown Point to try our luck with the Dickcissel. We saw a tree full of House Finches and a bird with bright yellow on it, but it turned out to be our first Yellow-rumped Warbler of the season. We did see a flock of Horned Larks which we had not seen reported.

Good birding,
Vic Warren and Laurel Scott
Mission Valley

Verdin - Ocean Beach, Dog Beach and Jetty

lindsay willrick

Good morning all,

The verdin is still present this morning, observed for 20 minutes. Details are in the attached eBird checklist link:

Lindsay Willrick
Golden Hill, San Diego

SDFO Meeting - Oct 15

Nancy Christensen

We're hoping you can join us on Tuesday, October 15, at 6:00 pm, in the Hoffman Room of the San Diego Foundation Building, 2508 Historic Decatur Rd. 


Our special program this month is: “A tale of tails, barriers, and dispersal: From Myioborus redstarts to avian diversity in the Neotropics,” by Jorge Pérez.

Jorge says, “I want to take you on a journey that started during my studies of Myioborus warblers. Their plumage patterns, as well as their distribution, are fascinating and opened the door for further studies and many research collaborations. We will talk about tail patterns and the potential role of natural selection on shaping those patterns, the conservation of species with restricted distributions, geographic expansion and secondary contacts resulting in hybridization or potential species displacement, and the role of barriers in isolating species populations (focusing on the table mountains of the Guiana Highlands). As we talk about these warblers we will expand our results to include studies of other groups of birds, with the goal of discussing the potential implications of these findings to understanding the origin and distribution of our Neotropical avian diversity.”


Everyone is welcome!


Nancy Christensen



Laughing Gull at Bayfront Park (J Street) Chula Vista

Jeremiah Stock

At 1145 Saturday October 12, 2019 there was a Laughing Gull on the small sand spit at the southwest corner of Bayfront Park (J Street) Chula Vista.  Gray mantle, black wingtips, black legs and black bill, and dark "ear-muffs" on a gull that was clearly smaller than nearby California Gulls.  Longish bill with slight droop at tip.  1st Winter bird based on broad black band on white tail.  The gull was seen for a few minutes before it flew off to the south; possibly landing on the south side of the mudflat area.  

Jeremiah Stock
Santee, CA

Dickcissel is still present as of 8:00 to 10:00 this morning at Crown Point east end

terry hurst

Hi all,
Found hanging out with a large flock of House Finches. The Clay-colored Sparrow was also found in the same group. Staying in same area as previously reported. GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 32.78517
Longitude: -117.23311
Altitude: 25 ft
Accuracy: 13 ft

EBird report to be submitted with photos soon.

Terry Hurst

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Latitude: 32.78517
Longitude: -117.23311
Altitude: 25 ft
Accuracy: 13 ft,-117.23311

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Re: Virginia’s

Charles Jackson

Still there at 1030. In tipu tree at tip top, close to residence. Previous map put about had pin on the spot.

San Diego

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On Oct 11, 2019, at 08:29, Alison Hiers via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Sorry forgot to say it is at the same location off of Gullstrand as noted in previous iOS posts and on eBird. We are still here and just had great looks at it.

Alison Hiers

Black and White Warbler at Vacation Island

Annie S

Steve Brad, Maryanne Bache and I have a young male black and white warbler in the tree above the blink electric vehicle charging station at 9am this morning. Photos later.

Annie S

San Diego


Alison Hiers

Sorry forgot to say it is at the same location off of Gullstrand as noted in previous iOS posts and on eBird. We are still here and just had great looks at it.

Alison Hiers

Virginia’s continues

Alison Hiers

Three of us are here and have seen it off and on for 30 minutes

Alison Hiers

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