Clay-Colored Sparrow at Torrey Hills Park 9/29

Nick Thorpe

I went over to Torrey Hills Park this afternoon to look for the odd Brewer’s Sparrow well documented by Sean Buchanan, which was continuing. It was in the company of another sparrow that I thought had yellow in front of the eye; I dismissed it as probably a Savannah, and the birds were flushed shortly after. I did a lap and came back to the spot to find one cool-looking sparrow back out, I figured it was the Brewer’s, got some shots and had to run. Lo and behold, the solo bird was a Clay-Colored Sparrow, who actually was the “Savannah” hanging out with the Brewer’s. That “yellow” tinge was actually buffy in the right light, the lack of streaking on the breast, and the facial pattern are all good. 

I’m very much hoping it will continue tomorrow so people can go see it, and sorry for the late post. Not good to bird in a hurry :(

Seen today near the basketball court here: (32.9180435, -117.2231904)
Nick Thorpe
University Heights

INLAND Red-footed Booby, miscellanea

Just in case anyone missed the extra significance, the Red-footed Booby photo'd earlier today, 29 Sep, by Patti Langen was flying over Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park in eastern Carlsbad, some 4-1/2 MILES INLAND. There is only one previous truly inland record for CA, photo'd earlier this month in inland Sonoma County, plus a couple records from inside San Francisco Bay which may or may not have rode ships into port. Elsewhere in the USA, there are single records for well inland in both Florida and Louisiana, NOT hurricane related. There was dense fog along the coast here this morning, and it is possible that the bird became disoriented and ended up inland. Or it simply wandered. When last seen it was heading west toward Batiquitos.

In other, much more mundane news, I had a Tropical Kingbird this morning in Presidio Park on the grassy slope with the magnolia trees. One Reddish Egret continues at the San Diego River mouth. Yesterday, a Yellow-headed Blackbird continued in the TRV near the Dairy Mart Road bridge. On the 27th, 5 Harris's Hawks (all together) continued at Jacumba, and a very late adult male Black-chinned Hummingbird was at feeders in Tierrasanta.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

Palm Warbler, Kate Sessions Park

ross christie

12:20, inside the cement circle, south east area.  lots of off-leash dogs scaring birds so it may not stay.

Ross Christie

Red-footed Booby


Patti Langen photographed one flying over Leo Carrillo SP this morning.


Magnolia Warbler at FRNC

This morning, Thursday, Dean Budd found a magnolia warbler along the extreme southern fence line in the southeast corner of Fort Rosecrans cemetery. It is now 8:00 a.m. and we need to vacate the cemetery until 5:00 p.m. Not many migrants overall, although birding here this morning was plagued by dense fog.

Prairie Warbler, Villa la Jolla Park

Bridget Spencer

There is currently (7:35am 09/29) a Prairie Warbler feeding in the shrubbery along the NE edge of Villa la Jolla Park. Approximately here: (32.8580406, -117.2339407)
First seen in the tipu just to the southeast of that point, and it may have just flown back there.

Bridget Spencer
La Jolla/UTC

Tropical kingbird location

John Bruin

Sorry didn’t include the actual location

(32.7748522, -117.2001568)

John Bruin
Bay Park

Tropical kingbird - Tecolote rec center

John Bruin

On the first ball field on your right before the turn to San Diego tennis club

John Bruin
Bay park

Pectoral Sandpiper Robb Field Mudflats 9/28

Nathan French

Currently (3:25pm) foraging alone in the open on the west end of mudflats. (32.7563788, -117.2403236)

Nathan French

Up coming pelagic birding trips. Oct. 1st. and 22nd.

David Povey

Hello Birders,
This Saturday, Oct. 1st. pelagic birding trip is booked full and has a waiting list. The weather and seas forecast look favorable.

The Saturday, Oct. 22nd. pelagic birding trip has a very light passenger load reserved at this point. This is a 6 hr. trip offshore, leaving at 7 a.m.and will likely explore the Nine Mile Bank, to the edge of the San Diego Through, and perhaps as time allows up towards La Jolla. The boat is the comfortable 80 ft. "Legacy". .Cost is $110
This date is still in the migration window and has a chance for such species as Flesh-footed, and Buller's  Shearwaters, South Polar Skua, and a chance of a mix of a few Storm-Petrels, such as Least, and Black.
If you'd like to book that trip, you can go to the website.
Hit the red "Book Now" and scroll down to the date., or call Seaforth Sportfishing Landing at (619) 224 -3383 during regular business hours
I hope you will join us on the trip.

Those of you booked on this Saturday's trip (Oct. 1st.);
Please be at the Seaforth Landing in Mission Bay ready to check into the office between 6-6:20 a.m. ( Do not try to check in to the office earlier than 6 as several fishing boats go out ahead of us, and once they are gone, we have wide open access there).
Once checked in at the office, find us on the back patio area for manifest (show your receipt), shared eBird, and orientation. We will board at about 6:40-6:45. Don't be late. 
Parking is free in the Seaforth Sportfishing lot and on the street. Please be careful NOT to park in the lots to the east or west, as these are permit lots, and may tow your vehicle. A good idea is to carpool, or rideshare to the landing as parking can be tight, as fishing remains exceptionally good.
As I say the forecast is nice, but as always there will be motion, so come prepared. 
Remember sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and a light jacket or windbreaker.
The boat sells drinks and snack items. I would suggest you bring a sandwich or other lunch items.
We plan to return no later than 5 p.m.
Those of you on the waiting list, if you wish to go. Show up and be ready to travel during the above times.  See me.
I have yet to have a trip this year that didn't go off without no-shows. If you go to the trouble, I'll get you on the boat.
This is only open to the current waiting list folks. Thank you

Good birding,
Dave Povey

Re: Migrants in Vista


Here is my eBird list w/photos from earlier.

Sonja Beevé                        
(Luna Nightwynd)

On Monday, September 26, 2022 at 04:39:55 PM PDT, Sonja Beeve <lunaskye13@...> wrote:

Hi all, I thought I would post that I have had a MacGillivray's Warbler at my bird bath as well as a Townsend's warbler, a Western Tanger, Orange-crowned warbler, all in my bird bath past couple hours. I will post photos on Ebird later on.

Sonja Beeve

Migrants in Vista


Hi all, I thought I would post that I have had a MacGillivray's Warbler at my bird bath as well as a Townsend's warbler, a Western Tanger, Orange-crowned warbler, all in my bird bath past couple hours. I will post photos on Ebird later on.

Sonja Beeve

Brewer's Sparrow

Dean Budd

Brewer's Sparrow at Harry Griffen Regional Park at the Porta-Potties feeding on the ground where the blacktop goes towards the Cement Ditch. Was there when i left still on the ground.  Also I Was at the Ditch off & on for 30 minutes without one bird coming in to drink or bathe.

Robb field emails

Aedyn Loefke

If any of you were slightly confused by the Blackpoll/Prairie warbler emails as I know I was , I think this is what happened...

To the best of my knowledge there was NO Prairie Warbler seen this morning (9/26) at Robb Field. What I believe happened was when I first found the Blackpoll and pointed it out to the group, the initial thought was Prairie Warbler as all we could see up in the top of the canopy was the striping on its chest. Someone then sent out a regional saying that the Prairie Warbler was there. However, as the group was getting better looks at it, I studied my picture and realized that it was an obvious Blackpoll and informed the group that it was indeed a Blackpoll, upon which someone then sent out another email saying that there was a Blackpoll at Robb field.  Apparently at the same time, that I also sent one.  To add to the confusion, the Listserve was down for maintenance which caused the emails to be sent later and not in the proper order. Hopefully I got that right and that it clears up some of the confusion, especially for those who were there.

--Aedyn Loefke 

Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Lake Murray, 9/26

Matt Sadowski

Along the west side San Carlos Bay here:
32.7938214, -117.0401521

Matt Sadowski


No ovenbird at FRNC this morning, but for the second day there is a black-throated green warbler in pines at the beginning of the Northeast loop in the northeast corner, and the young male redstart continues in the eucalyptus and ficus in the northwest fence area. Please remember the restricted hours for birding purposes. Tennessee warbler was in Coronado, a yellow headed blackbird is in the TRV near the sod farm, and there are still at least two solitary sandpipers at Dairy Mart. There have now been solitaries present there continuously for 5 weeks, with the single day high count of 7 birds several weeks ago. However determining the grand total if more than 7 is essentially impossible. The same problem trying to determine a season total of Baird's sandpipers at the salt works. Surprising numbers of black chinned hummingbirds continue at feeders in at least six places in the county that I know of totaling something like 20 birds and also including one especially late adult male in Ramona. Finally saw my first Ruby crowned Kinglet of the season today.

Blackpoll warbler-Robb field

Aedyn Loefke

While looking for the Prairie Warbler at Robb field(Don't have it yet) there is currently (9/26) a Blackpoll warbler feeding in the same trees as where the Prairie has been. 

--Aedyn Loefke 
Valley Center

Prairie warbler well seen in usual ficus now

C K Staurovsky

The Prairie warbler is well seen and photographed by others now at Robb field in the SW corner of the tennis courts in ficus
Cheers, Chris 

San Diego’s CK Staurovsky - Avocational ornithologist, itinerant, scribe, connoisseur, erstwhile casual hero ...

Blackpoll warbler at Robb Field

C K Staurovsky

First year female BLACKPOLL WARBLER at the Prairie warbler spot. NO Prairie warbler as yet, sorry 

San Diego’s CK Staurovsky - Avocational ornithologist, itinerant, scribe, connoisseur, erstwhile casual hero ...

Re: Ovenbird Ft Rosencranz FRNC

Marcie Mason

Sorry, the Ovenbird is in the NW section along the western fenceline.


On Sep 25, 2022, at 5:21 PM, Marcie Mason <mason_marcie@...> wrote:

The ovenbird is showing now at 5:15 in the same area previously described, along the western fence line in the NE section of FRNC.


Sent from my iPhone

On Sep 25, 2022, at 1:26 PM, Geoff Veith via <veithlaw@...> wrote:

Sorry, but I forgot to remind everyone that birding is limited at FRNC to before 8 AM and after 5 PM.
On Sep 25, 2022, at 12:53 PM, lahiers@... wrote:
Great bird to find by the way! It would be a lifer for my husband so we'll have to ponder going tomorrow early just in case it sticks around.


On Sep 25, 2022, at 12:50 PM, Geoff Veith <veithlaw@...> wrote:
Thank you.

Sent from my iPhone

On Sep 25, 2022, at 12:47 PM, lahiers@... wrote:
Hi Geoff,

You might not want to post the time if you are birding there after the 8:00 am cut off. Sadly no birding allowed between 8am and 5pm at FRNC. Just a suggestion, but it might keep you out of hot water with the eBird reviewers and the io site managers!

Alison Hiers
Carlsbad, CA

On Sep 25, 2022, at 8:41 AM, Geoff Veith via <veithlaw@...> wrote:

Ovenbird in NW corner along western fence (20-50 feet south of fence corner) at FRNC found by The Mayers. Refound around 8:20 and 8:30.

Geoff Veith
Dave Trissel

Solana Beach

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