Today, Monday, there was a fall arrival Blue-wing Teal with several cinnamon teal at the main Dairy Mart pond, where also a couple least bitterns, and a coastal arrival Prairie Falcon bordering the salt works. The family group of nesting burrowing owls continues well eastsoutheast of the north end of 13th Street. Similar to the last couple years in August, multiple barn owls have been hunting in daylight over the Tijuana River channel weeds visible from the Dairy Mart Road bridge during overcast mornings.

Saturday morning at La Jolla, in addition to the previously reported ashy storm-petrel and common murre, there was a good count for August of 2000 Black-vented shearwaters and the usual 50 or 60 black storm-petrels, plus one brown booby.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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