minor miscellanea


On June 1st, shorebirds at the saltworks off the end of 13th Street in Imperial Beach included 17 Western Sandpipers (3 in full alternate), 16 Red Knots (almost all basic), and 2 Ruddy Turnstones (basic), almost all of which will certainly end up over-summering locally. The only migrant passerine I had in the TRV was a single Western Wood-Pewee. On 31 May, a visit to Jacumba was disappointing for late migrants, with just a single Western Wood-Pewee and Western Tanager, plus 4 continuing, late-lingering Cedar Waxwings, a late/summering Green Heron, 3+ continuing White-winged Doves which will probably try nesting there, a continuing pair of locally rare Cassin's Kingbirds, still plenty of Lawrence's Goldfinches, and just a single remaining Tricolored Blackbird.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

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