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Geoffrey L. Rogers

Sorry about the unfinished and unsigned email. Also thanks to those who gave me extra directions. The problem is this bird moves around a lot. I finally got good looks at around 2:25 near the end of San Jose but only because there were two long-lens photographers near it. When I left around 3:00 there were 7-8 birders there. I also tried Robb Field in between the two Mission Beach locations but it was not there—yet. The beach and boardwalk were busy but not super-crowded. The two birds were not skittish but wary of passersby. The subject bird appeared to be hanging out and foraging with a Marbled Godwit and in back light the size difference makes them instantly separable. They eventually flew south off the end of Santa Clara.


I know who found the bird at Robb Field but how did someone find it later on the beach?


Geoff Rogers

San Diego, CA


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No birds at west end of San Jose. lots of people. No borders. A few (15 or so) waders at 




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Concerning the HUGO. Street location is west end of San Jose place
Tim Burr

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