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Brennan Mulrooney

Apparently the person who is keeping the eBird lists on my tour used the word surprise in the description of the bird. “A surprise visitor” is what he wrote. An accurate statement by the way. He shared the list with me and so that description is on “my list” as well. He did not say I was surprised we saw it because I did not know there was a scissor-tailed flycatcher at that location. I did know. I was a bit surprised that we saw it, having never seen that individual myself previously. It seems that its presence is much less predictable than the kingbird. I’m sure Paul can appreciate that the theatrical flair a tour leader imparts to the discovery of new birds on a tour greatly affects the enjoyment of the participants on the tour.

Hopefully that clears things up.


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The Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at the Poggi Creek Greenbelt in Chula Vista was first reported on 15 November 2018 by Jim Pawlicki, and is likely the same individual present here last winter. The fact that this bird was present was published in the latest two issues of The Skimmer – Vol 45 – December 2018 and Vol 46 – January 2019. As such the Poggi Greenbelt is not a new place for this species, and should not have been a surprise to anyone reading The Skimmer or monitoring eBird.

Guy McCaskie

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Yesterday (Tuesday Jan 29) I visited some Chula Vista spots. The drake Eurasian Wigeon continues in the Sweetwater River at the north end of 2nd Ave. The Thick-billed Kingbird continued at the Poggi Creek greenbelt, and was in close proximity to a Scissortailed Flycatcher. Comments I received on Facebook seem to indicate this may be a new place for this species this year, although last year the two birds were often seen together. I noticed that Brennan also saw the STFC, and remarked that it was a surprise.
Today Sue Smith led a few of us up into the mountains where we saw the continuing Lewis’s Woodpecker at the north end of Black Canyon Rd. This bird was not inclined to sit around and would have been very easy to miss if Sue had not known where to see it.

Brennan Mulrooney
Santee, CA

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