T2 ("SD 100") results

phil Pryde

Apologies for the late post; BJ spent some time getting a positive ID on the odd-ball parrot at Lindo Lake.
Our total for the trip was 127 species, 128 if you count the "Jaeger, sp.". I'll send a regular e-mail to all the key compilers with the full list (which will be on the Master Board at the BF later today (Sunday). If anyone wants to get the list just send me or BJ an e-mail and we'll be happy to forward it to you.
Some of the better species seen were the remaining Black Scoter at Grand Caribe, a distant Brown Booby and B-V Shearwater, and adult Gl.-wing Gull all seen from Silver Strand State Beach, The VEFL and Common Ground Doves at Sunset Ave., the Canada and White-Fr. geese at Lindo Lake, the flood channel Eur. Wigeon, a White-fronted Parrot at Lindo Lake (BJ has a photo), and at least 2 (possibly more) Tricolored Blackbirds in a large flock of Red-wings just east of the dike at Lindo Lake. If more info is desired re the Br. Booby, contact BJ as I wasn't able to get my scope on it.
Phil Pryde
San Diego

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