Re: Clark's Nutcracker continues at Agua Dulce, 20 Sep

Millie Basden

Peter and I saw the 2 Clark's Nutcrackers at eye level in trees over the creek near the pump house. Both dropped down into the thick vegetation in the creek bottom briefly before flying up to tree tops and eventually leaving the area.

A short distance down the creek a Townsend's Solitaire was perched in a willow. 

We will add photos to our eBird list when we get home.


On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 1:34 PM, Barbara via Groups.Io
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A Clark's Nutcracker was seen and photographed this morning near the pump house at Agua Dulce. I first saw it in flight and later, perched atop a tall tree.

I did not see a second bird that was reported by another couple.

I also found a lost birder who neglected to take the second right as per Nancy's instructions:

"The trailhead is on Wooded Hill Road. At the end of the road is a gate with a parking area and outhouse. Walk past the gate on the road roughly half a mile. Take a dirt fork to the right (still a road). After about a quarter mile there is another fork to the right. Take that and that dirt road will end at the pump house."

On my eBird app, that second right is approximately .14 mi from the first right turn (More like a veering to the right than a sharp 90 degree right turn.).

Barbara Carlson
San Diego

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