Re: Lake Cuyamaca - Red-throated Pipit, Sep 14, 2018

terry hurst

Hi all,

For any who would like to check out this Pipit it was found on the west side of the lake about midway from the south end of the Lake Cuyamaca parking lot to the start of the reeds further south. Park at the Lake parking lot and you will be at the correct side of the lake. For those who have not been to the lake before it does cost ten dollars to park there for the day and on weekends they do check. You pay at the tackle shop.

Terry Hurst

On Saturday, September 15, 2018, 4:23 AM, terry hurst <thurstycat61@...> wrote:

Gues my first thought about this bird might be correct after all. I thought it looked a little odd for a American Pipit. Guess we shall see.

On Saturday, September 15, 2018, 1:47 AM, Gary Nunn <garybnunn@...> wrote:

Richard Griebe and Terry Hurst reported an early calendar date returning American Pipit today Sep 14, 2018 from Lake Cuyamaca but looking at the photos in the eBird checklist I think this appears to be a RED-THROATED PIPIT.  The bird has strong blackish lore stripe, strongly marked face and black malar triangle, streaked crown, bright wing covert bars, shorter tail, and pink legs.

Just getting the word out in case any early risers want to go check it out!

Gary Nunn,
Pacific Beach

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