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Philip Unitt

Dear Roger,


Juvenile Costa’s Hummingbirds have the feathers of the upperparts edged buff. The bird in your photo may be at the maximum for such edges, but if there’s no hint of rufous in the wing or tail I wouldn’t expect a hybrid.


Best wishes,


Philip Unitt


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The feeders around my house near Iron Mountain in Poway have gotten busy again with a variety of hummingbirds.  One that looks a little unusual to me looks like a Juvenile Costa's with the coloration of an allens in its back and wing feathers.  Do these species hybridize?


It sounds exactly like a Costa's so it's probably just a Costa's.  But if someone more knowledgeable could look at the photos of it and let me know if you think it might be a hyrbrid I would be grateful.


-Roger Uzun

Poway CA



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