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July 2015 I birded Scissors Crossing and found Summer Tanager and Brown-crested Flycatcher. Map and account at blog post above.


Bird from the S2 road edge in the Fremont cottonwoods closest to the road at the curve ¼ to ½ mile north of 78/S2 interchange. The road edge is fenced. Be there at dawn and give up if it is windy.


It is very confusing looking at eBird. I believe many people used the Hotspot, which is not the correct location. On the other hand, several individual checklist locations not in the hotspot may also not be correctly located. Or, perhaps things have changed over the years.


Greg Gillson




From: Roger Uzun
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I'd like to check out Scissor's Crossing for the Summer Tanager(s) people are seeing there, but I've never been there before.  Can someone let me know how to bird the area best?  Do I just follow the trail east off 78?  So I would be walking the dirt trail just north of S2 and parallel to S2?


-Roger Uzun

Poway CA USA


Greg Gillson
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