Re: FRNC Kentucky warbler

Carl Ebeling

I was there for about an hour starting about 7:15 am, and did not see or hear the Kentucky Warbler (the handful of birders already there when I arrived had not seen or heard it, either.).   I went off to check a few other nearby potential locations (also without luck), and afterwards (about 45 minutes later) went back to see if the KEWA had surfaced in the meantime.  It had not.

Carl Ebeling
South Mission HIlls

On Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 1:14 PM, Jim Roberts GMAIL <jroberts32281947@...> wrote:

Did anyone check for the bird this morning (6/10)?

I have a chance to try late this afternoon if it appears likely to see.


                        Jim Roberts

                         University City

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