Possible first year male Summer Tanager at Stonewall mine Friday 05/25/2018

terry hurst

Hello all,

Today I spotted what I believe was a Summer Tanager on the west side of the road that leads up to the mine from highway 79. GPS coordinates: Google Maps

 It was found about midway from the highway up to where the road forks leading to the mine parking lot and the gate which leads into the horse group camp. Photo in this eBird list.

Was unable to get a good shot of the bird, because of the distance but I believe I took a shot good enough for a definitive ID. The bird had a large beak, no detectable wing bars that I could see,  red on the head and some red coming in other areas of the vent and breast which would eliminate the Western Tanager. I don't know what else this bird could possible be.

Terry Hurst

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