White-winged Scoter and Lawrence's Goldfinches on Wednesday, 23 May


Other birds of note this morning, 23 May:  After seeing two Bank Swallows and the Chimney Swift with 8+ Vaux's Swifts, four of us continued to the Bird and Butterfly Garden. One getting-late migrant  female Hermit Warbler was seen there along with three Lawrence's Goldfinches. Small numbers of Townsend's Warblers and Western Tanagers continue widespread.

Nancy Christensen and I continued to the coast to look for the female White-winged Scoter that Paul Lehman reported last week. We found it in the dwindling flock of Surf Scoter ( today's count was ~75, down from 150 last week) approximately 1/2 mile north of Camp Surf. Camp Surf is accessed at the very northern end of Seacoast Drive and Carnation Avenue.

Good birding,
Barbara Carlson

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