Re: Unusual kestral nesting site?

Brennan Mulrooney

I first noticed kestrels nesting in these marker balls about 8 years ago, but this nesting behavior is noted in the Bird Atlas so it had been going on for quite some time previous to that. 

I’m very curious to know about the success rate of breeding attempts in these marker balls. They must get really hot, they swing around in the wind, and they are usually 200’ or so in the air so that first flight better go well! At least snakes aren’t going to be a concern. 

Brennan Mulrooney 
Santee, CA

On May 7, 2018, at 4:54 PM, Paula Theobald <paulatheo@...> wrote:

As I drove to Buddy Todd Park this morning, I was stuck in slow moving traffic on westbound 76 near where electrical lines stretch over all lanes. There are large balls on the lines because of the airport. I saw a kestral go into the orange ball over my head. Starlings nest in traffic poles over roads sometime but has anyone heard of a nesting site like this? I guess cavity nesters are having problems finding good sites.

Buddy Todd still had some migrants and a red-breasted nuthatch that I thought would be gone by now. The only new migrant was a western wood peewee near the tennis courts.

Paula Theobald 

It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…Let’s go exploring!

Brennan Mulrooney
Santee, CA

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