TJRV migration 4-5-18

David Povey

I made a series of stops around the TJRV this morning included Stick pond, Trash Pond, Park Hq. Bird and Butterfly,

Community gardens, and Saturn st. at the river. I started off in dense fog which burned off quickly.

Very lively all areas. I believe I saw over one hundred warblers today. Difficult to get on every single bird.

Wilson's Warblers numbers dominated with  36+

Yellow Warblers  15

Orange-crowned Warblers   13

Townsend's Warbler    8

Hermit Warbler   6

Black-throated Gray Warblers    5

Nashville Warbler   1

Yellow-rumped Warbler   1

also seen ;

Western Kingbird    5

Ash-throated Flycatcher  1

Pacific-slope Flycatcher   6

Hammond's Flycatcher   1

Western Wood-pewee   2

Warbling Vireo   7

Swainson's Thrush    3

Hooded Oriole     3

Bullock's Oriole  1

Western Tanager  13

Black-headed Grosbeak   1


my last stop at 8th. st for the salt works viewing platform had;

Western Kingbirds    2

Wilson's Warbler   1

Western Tanagers   5


Driving home past Lower Otay Lake I saw an immature/ nearly adult Bald Eagle circling the "Harvey Arm" .

The bird had a nearly all white tail, white streaks on the head.

The lake now has a small mud flat at the east end, worth watching.

Today only Forster's Terns    48

one Black-necked Stilt, and a Killdeer.


Dave Povey



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