Birding offshore San Diego 4-23-18

David Povey

Four of us did a loop around local waters out of Mission Bay this morning, Peter Ginsburg, Steve Brad,

Tom Blackman, and I. Still a little slow but some species seem on the increase i.e.; Pink-footed and

Sooty Shearwaters, Black Storm-Petrels, Scripps's Murrelets, Cassin's Auklets, and Red-necked Phalarope.

Other species clearly on the decline i.e.; Black-vented Shearwaters, California and Bonaparte's Gulls.

Good movement of loons, Brant, and scoters, today. All well offshore, mostly beyond 10 miles out.

Notable were two pairs of Scripps's Murrelet that were made up of an adult and a non flying chick. Apparently this

species waste no time once they return here.

La Jolla was very quiet, most of the life was down the Coronado Escarpment and the Nine Mile Bank. So more… like normal.

species list; ( from ocean unless otherwise noted )

Brant   25

Surf Scoter 60

scoter sp.  25

Pacific Loon   150

Common Loon      4

loon sp.  375

Pink-footed Shearwater  7

Sooty Shearwater    15

Black-vented Shearwater  17

Black Storm-Petrel    8

storm-petrel sp.   3

Brandt's Cormorant    3   (one over outer edge of  Nine Mile Bank).

Brown Pelican   52

Black Turnstone  1 (  N. Mission Bay Jetty ).

Surfbird    2   ( S. Mission Bay Jetty  ).

Red-necked Phalarope   250

Scripps's Murrelet   17   ( 2 non flying chicks ).

Cassin's Auklet   14

lg. auklet sp.   2   ( possible Rhinoceros Auklets ).

Heermann's Gull    1    ( Mission Bay Jetty)

Western Gull    75

California Gull   20

Bonaparte's Gull   18

Elegant Tern   14

Royal Tern  2

swallow sp.   1

passerine sp.   2

also noted marine mammals;

Harbor Seal    1

Elephant Seal    2

Guadalupe Fur Seal   2  ( first time I can remember ever seeing two in a day locally).

California Sea Lion     1 (dead)

Bottle-nosed Dolphin  1-2  ( Mission Bay Channel )

Common Dolphin   2 pods   30-40 total

Minke Whale    1


Dave Povey



p.s. The two Spring BVAS/ Grande trips are May 20th. and June 10th. You can sign on by calling

H & M Sportfishing Sportfishing Landing ( NEW ) at 619 222-1144, or going on line to their website.

This Landing is just to the right of the Point Loma landing that we've used in the past.

The "Early Bird rate" end tomorrow for the May 20th. trip.

Come join us and let's go see what's out there.




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