Am. Restart Lake Hodges

Greg Gillson <greggillson@...>

A first year male American Restart was at Lake Hodges this morning. Yellow  sides, tail base, wing patch with some dark feathers at the lower border of the gray hood and broken eye ring.

A few fair photos to add to eBird checklist later this evening. 

Location:  on trail along lake about 250 yards west of Bernardo Dr. near the footbridge. Over hanging oak tree. I believe this is quite near where one was photographed some time last year. Continuing wintering bird or...???

About 5 Vaux's Swifts. 2 Blue Grosbeaks. A couple of Bell's Vireos. Some Chats. Other typical species totaling 61 species on 3 mile loop. 

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Greg Gillson 

Greg Gillson
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