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David Povey


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Three of us did a quick run offshore, out of Mission Bay. Highlights were;

130 - Black-vented Shearwater  scattered, many southbound

1 - Ashy Storm-Petrel    8 1/4 n. miles west of Mission Beach

1 - Common Murre   Flying north bound over the outer edge drop off along the Nine Mile Bank.

2 - Scripps's Murrelets      4 miles west of Point Loma.

3- Cassin's Auklets.   Outer edge of the Nine Mile Bank

1-  Rhinoceros Auklet    adult with full head plumes, seen on the water, west of 178, same area as this species seen on Bird Festival pelagics.

1-Glaucous-winged Gull   1st. cycle,  Dana Landing Basin, Mission Bay.

75- Bonaparte's Gulls

45- Elegant Terns

Good mammals show

2-Harbor Seals

1- Elephant Seal   a large male

4- California Sea Lions

15-20  Common Dolphin

3-Bottle-nosed Dolphin

12 + -Risso's Dolphin

2- Gray Whales

Also had a area of Velella or "By the Wind Sailors"  small hydrozoans  ( jellyfish ) that float on the surface and have an upright "sail".

11 Mola mola  (Ocean Sunfish)


Dave Povey



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