S.W. county 3-25-17

David Povey

I made a few stops for known winter visitors this morning, in south S. D. county.

Heritage Park, Chula Vista ; I missed the Plumbeous Vireo, the Cackling Goose is still present.

Poggi Canyon; missed the Thick-billed Kingbird but saw the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.

I had three Western Kingbirds there, among the many Cassin's Kingbirds.

Dairy Mart Ponds; missed the Palm Warbler (seen by others), but saw the American Bittern (east end of "New Stick Pond".

I'll now call the "Trash Pond"). Two more Western Kingbirds there.

The Long-tailed Duck was also present at the west end of the "Trash Pond".

A couple of other stops turn up nothing of note.

Dave Povey



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