Orchard Oriole; Carlsbad, new 24FEB 2018

Tito Gonzalez


I observed what appears to be a new immature male ORCHARD ORIOLE in Carlsbad this morning at 7:45 and 8:30 am. The bird was high in red-flowering eucalyptus in the HOA Greenbelt Area around Camino Del Prado (off Camino de las Ondas). Photos are in following eBird report:




Contact me offline if you want more detailed information.


I also, saw a MOUNTAIN CHICKADEE and a HOODED MERGANSER at Paseo del Lago in Carlsbad. The chickadee was found in a pine along road on eastern side. It had unusually colorful, darker/buffy flanks that included UTC and tail. Different subspecies? If anyone knows of ways to ID subspecies please contact me offline.


Tito Gonzalez

Carlsbad, CA

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