Offshore San Diego

David Povey

Three of us did a little scouting to the south west  of Mission Bay this morning.

Best news is that Scripps's Murrelets have started their return with four seen today.

Two Northern Fulmar were on the Nine Mile Bank, one a white morph bird. The other our standard

dark gray morph.  A single Pink-footed Shearwater was also seen, over the outer edge of the Nine.

Two Brown Boobies were just inside the Bank. An adult male with dark juvenile traveling together.

Overall many fewer birds that far offshore, nothing to compare with La Jolla Canyon but worthy

of further check this coming weekend. I hope you'll join us.

The Mission Bay Jetties had a small number of Surfbirds on departure and return. Only a single

Black Turnstone, with a small number of Ruddy Turnstones.

List of species and numbers;

Surf Scoter   2

Pacific Loon   2   ( one inside the bay).

Common Loon    2  ( both just outside the jetties).

N. Fulmar    2    (plus a dead dark morph fulmar).

Pink-footed Shearwater   1

Black-vented Shearwater     220

Brown Booby    2

Brandt's Cormorant  300   (most in a single large feeding flock, but a couple of singles out to the edge of the S.D. Trough)

Double-crested Cormorant   5    ( with the above feeding flock)

Brown Pelican     85   (good number for offshore)

Ruddy Turnstone    5   (jetties)

Black Turnstone   1     (jetties)

Surfbird   8     jetties)

phalarope sp.    1   ( likely Red Phalarope but not well seen at distance)

Scripps's Murrelet     4

murrelet sp.   1

Cassin's Auklets   10

sm. alcid sp.    3

Bonaparte's Gulls    75    (low?)

Heermann's Gull      3

Western Gull   300

California Gull   250

Royal Tern    2

Large numbers of Common Dolphin seen today, small number of Pacific White-sided Dolphin.

One small whale, may have been juvenile Gray Whale. Some California Sea Lions including one dead.

Dave Povey


p.s. San Diego Audubon Bird Festival pelagics have a few spaces each day. Friday is nearly full.

Saturday a very few more spaces, Sunday the most with maybe 15-16 or so. I'd contact them right

away if you'd like to go with us.




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