South San Diego Bay Tricolored Heron, Nazca Boobies

David Povey

The South San Diego Bay Tricolored Heron was seen at the Biological Study Marsh on the north side of the east /west dike about 12:30 today.

Also noted from Loew's Coronado Resort, both Nazca Boobies were up and flying together for the whole 20 mins. I watched them.

If I could read booby body language, I would say there were working the way up to crossing over the Strand and out to the ocean.

They flew in a wide clockwise circles, low to the water on the east side of the turn, rising and falling on the south part of the swing, then rising to a couple of hundred feet on the west side going well into the area north of Fiddler's Cove.

Then at the last moment swinging east to cross the bay south of the bridge. I saw that repeated three times. I was sure each time would be the last.. Why they don't they cross that narrow spit of land when I'm sure they can see the ocean??

They certainly had wind assisting them today. No feeding plunges dives were made during any of the circles.

Dave Povey


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