Lindo Lake, Tuesday

phil Pryde

Pardon for the delayed transmission, but nothing earthshaking is involved. 
I spent the morning today (Tuesday) at Lindo Lake, and was unable to find the previously reported Brown Creepers (the little creeps). 
But it was very birdy (40 species).  Nothing major, but some interesting stuff included: 
    6 Lilac-crowned parrots high in the big trees directly across the street from the north side parking lot. 
    Lots of juvenile Black-crowned night herons;  must have been a good breeding season. 
    A flock of ca. 20 Tricolored Blackbirds;  always nice to see the Trikes. 
    Only one White Pelican, a juvenile. 
    2 Western Meadowlarks were a surprise in the grassy field at the far end of the east lake. 
    The eternal Gr. White-fronted Goose is still hanging out with his barnyard geese buddies.  
    The earlier reported three female Canvasbacks were in the east lake, near its east end.  
          ( I found 11 species of ducks at Lindo Lake this morning.  A good place to set your PB for most duck sp. seen in one small lake in one morning.  For the terminally curious:  MALL, WODU, NOSH, GWTE, NOPI, GADW, REDH, CANV, AMWI, RNDU, and RUDU. ) 

Phil Pryde 
San Diego 

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