Male WISA found at Paso Picacho

phil Pryde

Monday morning I sought out the female Williamson's Sapsucker that was reported yesterday at the Paso Picacho picnic area (in Cuyamaca St. Pk.). After about 20 minutes with no luck, I was joined by Irvine birders Terry Edwards and Danuta Burris. After another 15 mins. or so, Danuta saw a suspicious woodpecker land in a pine tree, and Terry quickly scoped it. It was clearly a male WISA, back all black, big white wing patch, two white stripes on an all black head, yellow on the underside. Where seen: Just outside the picnic area where the female was reported yesterday. There is a kind of "traffic circle" just west of the entrance kiosk which has two very large pine trees in it. The male was seen to fly into the westernmost of the two big pines, about 30' (2/3 of the way) up, and start hammering away. We watched it for about five minutes from the north side of the "traffic circle" (best angle). It was working a set of linear sapsucker holes that appeared to be relatively new holes, suggesting that this may be a tree he revisits periodically. I checked the tree about 20 mins. later, and he was no longer there.
Phil Pryde
San Diego

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