Follow-up to Stan's letter

phil Pryde

     This is a quick follow-up to Stan’s thank-you letter re Oak Titmouses. (Yes, they were coming in to the feeders at Silverwood, as predicted, as were Golden-crowned Sparrows, Quail, and Wrentits).  If you haven’t been to Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary recently, here’s some pertinent info. The main attraction is the Observation Area, about a 1/4 mile hike up the paved road, where there is a ls a large number of feeders that bring in virtually all of the chaparral songbirds (except thrashers). Silverwood is not a great venue for vagrant seekers, as it’s on neither the coastal nor montane migration routes.  However, it’s a great place for beginning birders, as you can study most of the common chaparral species close up at the feeders.  On some days (this was one of them) you can compare, for example, a Fox Sparrow and a Hermit Thrush getting a drink side-by-side, and compare the key differences. This is very helpful for beginners. And if you get tired of sitting at the feeders, there are 5 miles of trails. 
      Silverwood is also a good place to study tracks and scat.  
      The Sanctuary is open to the general public only on Sundays, 9 to 4.  No entrance fee.  It’s at 13003 Wildcat Canyon Road in Lakeside. 

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