Broad-billed dude

phil Pryde

      The brilliantly plumaged male Broad-billed Hummer at 2 p.m. Tues. was still in the reported location (40 yards down the path that extends north from the north end of Lake Murray Blvd, just west of Grossmont College.  He seems very territorial, immediately chasing off both Anna’s and Allen’s hummers that dared approach, so he may hang around for a while (and who knows how long he’s already been there). 

      Since we’re into new and little-visited birding hot spots, this may be a good one.  It is very birdy.  There is a stream there with water in it in places (at this time of year, may be run-off from Grossmont College, right up the hill. If so, it might run year-round); habitats include dense riparian habitat, reedy areas, many different kinds of large trees, plus a chaparral hillside on the west side. A dead tree has obvious woodpecker holes in it. About 200 yards down the dirt road there is a small man-made pond, now algae-filled, but who knows what it might be like at the end of winter?  
      This is definitely a site that merits periodic visits. 

      As we were leaving, Orange County birder Shirley Reynolds (hope I got the name right) heard and visually located a Red-breasted Nuthatch in the pine trees on the left side of the dirt road, right where paved Lake Murray Blvd ends.  Also a healthy population of Munias in the area 😕 . 

Phil Pryde, San Diego 

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