Borrego Bobolink

W Terry Hunefeld

Dawn dawned lovely this Tuesday morning at the 

Borrego Springs water treatment plant settling ponds. 

Birded several hours with Terry Hurst, Nancy Christensen, 

Mel Senac and Retired State Park Ranger and author 

of Birds of Anza Borrego Desert State Park, Bob Thériault.

The highlight of the morning was a female-type Bobolink 

hiding in the north settling pond. Nancy and Mel obtained 

great photos while I fumbled with my camera. 

A fun morning of 27 species featuring at least two--

most probably four or five--Le Conte's Thrashers, 

Vesper Sparrow, Vaux's Swift, Brewers Sparrow, 

Bell's Sparrow (canescens), Savannah Sparrows and Lazuli Buntings.

W. Terry Hunefeld

Borrego Springs

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