Painting Bunting

phil Pryde

     The juvenile a/o female Painted Bunting at the TJRV Community Garden was seen very briefly this morning at around 8:30. 
     It initially flew in low showing a unicolor greenish topside with no trace of any white feathering at all. It seemed to be enjoying the company of Lesser Goldfinches, of which there many around; it was definitely LEGO land (sorry, I couldn’t resist that).  A later view conformed a bunting-type bill and no sign of any white on the underside. Unfortunately I was by myself when it flew in; after Eric and others converged on the site it didn’t feel like showing itself again, at least while I was there.  The exact spot where I saw it was in bushes along the dirt road on the west side of the cultivated plots, approximately on the other (west) side of the dirt road from plot #122. 
Phil Pryde 
San Diego 

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