No booby 4:00-6:00

Stan Walens

Was at Children’s Pool for 2 hours; joined for the last hour by Jim Roberts, who may still be there.
Pretty bad light, and once the New Seaforth left, the only birds were way out to sea.

Will try again tomorrow morning.

A couple of other things:
First of all, kudos [correct Greek pronunciation = koo-dass] to Justyn for reporting the bird in timely fashion, not simply entering it into eBird 12 hours later.
And for the patience to stay there for hours waiting for it to return.
And third, for seeing anything in that terrible light.

I am stuck using my old Bushnell Spacemaster, 20x, because my Leica scope is in the shop for the fourth or fifth time since I bought it.
Design flaws coupled with unconscionably bad repair service [it has been at Leica now for over 3 months!!! and they are unbelievably unresponsive about it] means I have to say:
Worst customer service experience I have had with any optics company ever.

Next, I cannot identify the bird Justyn saw.
However, it is definitely not the same individual as the masked-type booby seen in Orange Count last week.
IMO, his description more closely fits early second-cycle red-footed booby, which can have a nearly all-white head, white marginal coverts, and mottled brownish-black and white feathers on the upperwing.
Though usually by that time red-footed boobies have pale pink bills.

And an apology for the truncated email I first sent: was dictating it on my new cellphone and somehow sent it incomplete.
The gist is there was a fly-by adult tufted puffin, a very exciting bird. It was maybe 200 yards offshore, just barely outside the seawall at Children’s Pool before it turned westward.
And a lot of birds a mile+ out to sea.

So, tomorrow morning…..

Stan Walens
San Diego

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