Basic-plumaged but no adult American Golden Plover this morning

Stan Walens

Got down to the end of 13th St around 9:30 to watch for the AGPL on the incoming tide.
High tide was supposed to be 10:45-11:15.
3 other birders were there and had been for hours.

The flock of birds was on the sandbar as described in previous posts.
Most of the plovers were sitting, huddled in a group.

I was able to find the basic-plumaged AGPL standing in a small group of black-bellieds, but the adult was nowhere to be found.
Around 10:45, the entire flock of birds suddenly took off and zoomed to the west somewhere.

Spent about an hour trying to relocate them, but to no avail. Water, water everywhere...

Maybe the flock will return on the falling tide.

Stan Walens
San Diego

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