Pt. La Jolla seawatch - Sooty (lots), Pink-footed Shearwater, May 14, 2017

Gary Nunn

I did a seawatch for a couple hours from Pt. La Jolla, the Bridge Club, on Sunday May 14, 2017.  Joined also by Dean DiTommaso and Barbara Carlson.

At dawn an impressive movement of Sooty Shearwaters heading south about 1/2 to a mile offshore.  20 or 30 a minute on occasion, I counted a few hundred quickly, estimated at least 800 in total although I think this is surely conservative.  Smaller number of Black-vented Shearwater (75), and then two Pink-footed Shearwaters also picked out among Sooty as larger, lower speed progress, higher arcs slowing at tops, nice bright paler below.  The southwesterly breeze at dawn was pretty strong and shearwaters were moving along at speed, and changes in elevation, with nice views.  The wind turned mixed direction onshore-offshore about 8:00am and then everything seemed to move much further offshore at the far horizon.

Also one adult alternate plumage COMMON MURRE flew in about 8am settled in water off Children's Pool area.  I also saw one Common Murre here last weekend on May 07.

One worn looking first/second cycle (2CY) Glaucous-winged Gull hanging around the sea-lion haul out.

Later in afternoon spotted a couple Wandering Tattlers while walking around the cove with my family.

Gary Nunn
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