Re: Interesting bird call at the entrance of Flintkote Canyon Sunday morning May 7

Nancy Everett


I heard that "meow" sound yesterday (5/6/17) around noon, in exactly the
same spot. My first thought was gnatcatcher, but it didn't really sound like
a gnatcatcher. I'm not an expert birder so I just searched for whatever made
the sound. No luck. I'm very curious now!

Nancy Everett

Carmel Valley

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Flintkote Canyon Sunday morning May 7

Hello all,
Just getting the word out so folks can be on the lookout. This morning I
heard the meow call of what might have been either a Green-tailed Towhee or
even a Gray Catbird (although it sounded more like the Towhee). Definitely
not a California Gnatcatcher. The bird was very shy and was staying in the
bushes so I was unable to see it. eBird has no records of either one of
these birds at this site so I know chances are very slim that it was one of
those birds. For all I know it could have been a raccoon growling at me. :-)
There were fresh Raccoon prints in the same area and I don't know what a
growling Raccoon sounds like. Just a heads up especially since there have
been some very interesting birds being reported there recently so one never
knows what may drop in overnight. Heard (whatever it was), at the entrance
gate of Flintkote Canyon. The same Canyon where the Rose-breasted Grosbeak
has been reported.
BTW it was very muddy at the gate area and very slippery. I didn't venture
much further then that because it started to pour. If you go out there
anytime soon bring rubber boots just in case. And please find my mystery
bird/Raccoon/whatever. :-)

Terry Hurst

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