Point La Jolla – Red-footed Booby adult white morph, 16 April 2017

Gary Nunn

I think I was about to start preparing Easter Sunday lunch for guests when report of adult white morph RED-FOOTED BOOBY came over by text message!  Dropped what I was doing and ran out the door!  Lucky for me it was still sitting on the water off Point La Jolla when I arrived at 10 am to join Dean DiTomasso and Jim Pawlicki at the Bridge Club.  Back home by 10:45am and still pulled off the lunch party preparations.  Phew!

Distant photos by original finder Dean DiTomasso are included in my eBird report here http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S36026337

What a great find by Dean.  Still pinching myself I saw an adult white morph Red-footed Booby flying around with a Western Gull on its tail...  wow!

Gary Nunn
Pacific Beach

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