Long-eared Owl

phil Pryde

     Update for all Long-eared Owl hunters.  Another birder from Orange County and I looked for him (her?) in the area around cabin 18 at Tamarisk Grove today also without success.  So in desperation (as you know, men only ask for directions when desperate) I asked the ranger on duty if the owl had ever been reported from any perch other than around cabin 18.  He made a suggestion, and bingo, there it was! 
     So if you can’t locate it in the area from cabin 18 to cabin 21, try in the tamarisk tree(s) behind the chain link enclosure that protects a large gas cylinder that’s located behind (south of) the restroom building.  And don’t get warbler neck looking for him - he wasn’t more than maybe 12 feet above the ground.  Cute little dude (unless you’re a field mouse). 
     Bonus: while looking for the owl near cabin 18 I saw my FOS Ash-throated Flycatcher. 
     P.S.:  Don’t even think of going into the town of Borrego Springs the next two days!  
Phil Pryde 
San Diego 

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