BBWA still there

phil Pryde

The Bay-breasted Warbler was still present and very accommodating at 9:30 am Monday.  The trees there (in front of the office building at 4510 Executive Dr.) were a beehive of warbler activity (I know, an atrocious oxymoron - it's late);  in addition to the Bay-B and the inevitable battalion of butter butts, there was also one each of the grey-headed variety of Orange-Crown, a B-T Grey Warbler, and a female Townsends.   BTW, the grey-headed Orange-crown was 60% hidden by leaves, so if someone wanted to try for a better look, you might possibly be able to turn it into a Tennessee, but what little I could see of its underside didn't seem whitish enough to be a Tennessee.  
Phil Pryde 
San Diego  

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