Hepatic Tanager-No, Lawrence's Goldfinch-Yes

Lisa Ruby


Met Terry Hurst at Marston House this morning where we ran into Max and at least four other birders. No love from the Hepatic Tanager. I got there around 7:50 am, others had been there before that. Left around 10:00-10:30.

From there I went to Sycamore Canyon Road in Poway where I had better luck and saw at least five Lawrence's Goldfinches. Sometimes takes a little patience as they bury themselves in the weeds and when everything gets flushed have to pick through many House Finches, Lesser Goldfinches and Yellow-rumped Warblers to find them. I saw them around the area with the fencing that has wood boards supporting wire near the corner of Sycamore Canyon Road and Garden Road. They also flew just a tad west and got much closer to the road. I have a distant photo with a male Lawrence's and male Lesser Goldfinch standing side by side for a nice comparison.

If anyone from the Bird Festival is staying and wants to try for the Lawrence's, and hasn't been up to Rangeland Road in Ramona, I'd recommend stopping to see the Lawrence's Goldfinches, and then head on up to Rangeland Road, since you'll be a good part of the way there once you get to Sycamore Canyon Road. Rangeland Road, San Diego is a hotspot in eBird and there are recent lists posted. A scope is recommended.

A few photos here and in eBird list:


eBird lists from both locations:

Marston House:

Sycamore Canyon Road:

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

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