Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker @ Lake Murray (Feb 25, 2017)

Eitan Altman

SDBirders - On this morning's Lake Murray tour for the SDBF, a surprising find was an apparently pure YELLOW-SHAFTED Northern Flicker.  

The bird was sighted in the trees and shrubs a bit to the west of the tennis courts on the west side of Lake Murray (west of the ballfields off Murray Park Drive).  I added some mediocre phone-scoped docushots to my eBird checklist so I would welcome feedback if anyone thinks this bird shows signs of being an intergrade:

Tour participants with big lenses should have even better shots which I will add to the eBird checklist if possible.

It was a gorgeous morning at Lake Murray, with clear skies and cool weather and plenty of bird activity.  We saw almost 60 species for the day, with great looks at CALIFORNIA GNATCATCHER among other coastal sage scrub specialties, plenty of "I care because they're countable" SCALY-BREASTED MUNIAS, and 4-5 separate adult male ALLEN'S HUMMINGBIRDS who seemed to be getting territorial in various spots.  We spent most of the morning on the west side, but a quick check of the main parking lot off Kiowa Dr just before heading back yielded a pair of female TRICOLORED BLACKBIRDS scrounging in the dirt near the boat dock with Brewer's Blackbirds and Great-tailed Grackles.

Eitan Altman

San Carlos

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