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Philip Unitt

Dear friends,

Yes, 10 participants in the Natural History Museum field trip for the San Diego Bird Festival got good looks at the Hepatic Tanager as soon as we arrived at the Marston House—some other birders already had it spotted high in the crown of a eucalyptus. It moved around also in the big oak, a cedar, and a jacaranda tree along 6th Ave. Still flying strong at the age of at least 7 years. We also walked a loop around Morley Field and were able to approach closely to a few Horned Larks at the north end of the old dump and a female California Gnatcatcher at the edge of Florida Canyon.

Then we went to the San Diego Natural History Museum for a tour of the bird collection, including a comparison of the Hepatic Tanager with both subspecies of the Summer Tanager. I demonstrated bird skinning on a Sharp-shinned Hawk that flew into a window yesterday at the Wesley Palms retirement home in Pacific Beach. Being able to confirm the sex (as female) by dissection cleared up any possible question of Cooper’s versus Sharp-shinned.

Thanks to all the participants for a great morning.

Good birding,

Philip Unitt

San Diego

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Hepatic Tanager visible now at Marston House front yard Eucalyptus tree high branches.

Gail DeLalla
Solana Beach

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