Paso Picacho and Jacumba

phil Pryde

Addendum to Paul’s informative pre-BF email: 
I did a trip to Paso Picacho and Jacumba today.  The campground area at Paso Picacho easily produced both W-b and Pygmy Nuthatches, as well as many calling Oak Titmouse(s). No woodpeckers other than Acorn. No Pine Siskins at the Birdwatcher feeders in Julian, at least while I was there this morning.  Almost nothing but Coots and Canada geese at Cuyamaca Lake.

At Jacumba I was joined by Janet and Steve Shields and two visitors from Ohio.  Eric Kallen gave us a tour of the former ag fields immediately east of Jacumba (aka Jacumba Valley Ranch), which quickly produced a large number (at least a dozen) Sage Thrashers, as well as a few Vesper Sparrows. Eric said he had not seen any Scott’s Orioles at his feeders recently. The pond west of town, as advertised, was full of nesting Trikes. Jacumba is too far away for most BF trips, but thought folks might at least like to know about the  Sage Thrashers.  As you may know Eric is moving back to SD shortly, so we’re losing our embedded reporter from the Far East.  

Phil Pryde 
San Diego

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