Gray Flycatcher and minor miscellanea

Paul Lehman

On Tuesday morning the 14th, a GRAY FLYCATCHER was in Mast Park in Santee. When I saw it, it was immediately to the northeast of the fenced-in dog-run area. Much of this section of the park is perfect Gray Flycatcher habitat--with scattered, open trees and patchy low weed and grass cover on the ground. Also a Phainopepla and a mid-sized flock of Chipping Sparrows.

For those still looking for the TRICOLORED HERON at the Tijuana Estuary, if you miss it in the northwest section of the marsh just out from Seacoast Ave., be aware that it has also been seen several times the past week or so in the marsh much farther to the southeast, right out from the end of the runway at the helicopter field. Female Hooded Merganser and 5 Canvasbacks continue near the mouth.

In other, minor news the past few days, the hybrid Eurasian X American Wigeon continues at San Dieguito Lagoon in Del Mar on the 9th; and 3 Western Tanagers and 2 Bullock's Orioles were in West Shepherd Canyon in Tierrasanta on the 10th.

--Paul Lehman, San Diego

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