San Diego birding, Feb 12

Tom Benson

I spent most of the day birding San Diego with Brittany O'Connor in search of some continuing rarities. We started by dipping on the Eastern Bell's Vireo in Oceanside (0745-0830), then had the good luck to arrive at the north end of Seacoast Drive five minutes after the Tricolored Heron (0930) had appeared. I assume this luck had to be due to the fact that Alex Abela was present, and that theory was confirmed when we relocated the Cassin's Vireo in the Tesoro Grove Way riparian area with Alex also present (about 1030). We then left Alex and dipped on the Ovenbird at Otay Valley Regional Park (1055-1140). Our last target of the day was the Dusky-capped Flycatcher at San Diego Botanic Gardens. We arrived at 1330, and heard two or three calls from the direction of the old world desert garden at 1410 but never saw the bird. The bird started calling again from the same location at 1530 and we were able to see it as it perched in and near the dragon tree along the fence. It then dropped into the adjacent residential yard, after which we decided to call it a day.

Tom Benson
San Bernardino, CA 

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