REEG Report

phil Pryde

    The Bataquitos Reddish Egret was present Sunday morning between 7:30 and 8:00, but not in the location described on 2-10 by Steve and David.  It apparently spent Saturday night snoozing with its cormorant buddies on a sand bar in the larger basin between the RR tracks and I-5.  From the dirt pullout lookout location described by David (off La Costa Ave. just before the Coast Hwy) I was easily able to scope it on the large sandbar near the NW corner of that larger basin (just inland from the Lagoon’s mouth).  By 8 a.m. it had started feeding in the vicinity of the sand bar while the cormorants were still snoozing.  They all might all go to the westernmost basin later in the morning, where the REEG has been reported previously. 
    At the San Dieguito wetlands, a Red-throated Loon (probably the same one reported previously from the same location) was swimming in the widened section of the river immediately east of the trail underpass under I-5. No sign of any interesting mergansers or Eur. Wigeon. 
    Phil Pryde 
    San Diego 

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