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Lisa Ruby

Hi Stan,

I made a trip to the Miramar dump off Convoy this past weekend around 3:00 pm. Only birds I noticed were Ravens, but this was one of the few times when I was out and about and wasn't watching much for birds :-). Could be there are more around the area where they do the greenery mulching. I doubt they let people in without paying. I think it would be a relatively long walk to try and park on the south side of 52 and walk in, and don't know if you'd get away with it.

The long ago closed landfill in San Marcos used to draw a lot of gulls.

Did a little searching. Check out this google page, which shows multiple landfills around the county. I don't know anything about any of them other than Miramar:

Here is a web page for the one in Santee:

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

On 2/7/2017 9:41 AM, Stan Walens stan.walens@... [SanDiegoRegionBirding] wrote:

The New York Times today has a small article on dumps that attract a lot of birds, and mentions San Diego as having some. So far as I know, there are no longer any dumps in the county that don't scare birds off and that allow birders on site.

Am I wrong, and there is a dump somewhere that is birdable, or is this just another instance of that fake news the mainstream media is purveying....?

Stan Walens
Sin Die Go

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