Mammal Atlas Update


Hello Birders,

It's been a while since I handed off and news about the San Diego County Mammal Atlas. Most of the 121 species accounts have been sent to the typesetter. More than half have been returned to us for proofing edits. The authors and the editors have been reviewing the proofs and once all the revisions have been approved, all will go back to the typesetter and the changes will be 'set to type' electronically. After a final review to verify all is as intended, the typeset materials will be submitted for print and our book will finally be a reality. It's been a painstakingly slow (but steady) process, and I can't say for sure what the time frame for publication will be. My 'Gibbs gut' says the book should be out in the Spring.

Last night I added an atlas related post to my website:

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