Ridgeway type rails at Lower Otay Lake

Mark Stratton

Good afternoon,

After re-finding the Tricolored Heron first found by Paul Lehman this morning,Camiile and I went to the Tijuana Estuary Office area where I received a call from Paul Marvin about Ridgeway type Rails at Otay.  We drove all the way down to the inlet end of the lake to where all the Bullrush reeds are.  After a few minutes, I could hear the slow,KEK sound of a rail, almost like a King Rail, and unlike the Ridgeway Rail as I know them.  There was however, another Rail or two about 100 yards away or so that sound much more like Ridgeway Rails.  I don't know how common it is for Ridgeway's to be in Fresh water. this other bird, or two, were making the Ridgeway type outburst call.  Below is Paul Marvin's ebird report with a recording of the Slower call he had heard.  It if does work as a link, trying copy and paste.

Mark Stratton
North Park

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