South Bay on Sunday

phil Pryde

I was among the Tricolored heron-seekers in IB this morning, and thanks to everyone (starting with Paul) who engaged in the group project of successfully finding it.  Among the avian supporting cast was a very close up (maybe 8 feet away) Ridgway’s Rail who seemed to think we were conducting a casting call for Chorus Line.  No Nelson’s.  I wandered out on the IB pier and was rewarded by both Common and Red-throated loons (one each), plus a small pod of at least 4 close-in very brown porpoises. Cool.  

I stopped at the Poggi greenbelt at both 8 and about 11:30 a.m.   Zilch at 8, but at 11:30 things were hopping, and while scanning the horde of Cassin’s, I noticed one that had yellow on the underside up to the throat, and a small but definite notch in the tail. It kept hawking bugs and never gave me a good side view, but I do believe the bill was a bit larger than on a CAKI.  Coincidentally, someone at the IB heron watch had mentioned seeing a possible Tropical at Poggi recently (I can’t remember who it was).  If you’re at the Poggi greenbelt in the next few days you might sort through the CAKI’s and see if you think there’s a Tropical in with them.  I’m 95% satisfied it was one.  

While pondering that ID challenge, a bunch of doves landed in the trees, and one had an obvious white band on the wing and a dark spot on the face - my first White-wing Dove in SD I some time.  There were briefly 3 species of dove in the same tree simultaneously.  At the 8 a.m. stop at Poggi, there was also a Bullock’s Oriole at the top of the same Sycamore by the road where the CAKI’s hang out.  But no Thick-bill;  I’m zero for 2016 and 2017 on that one. 

Phil Pryde, San Diego 

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